If you won $200,000 in the middle of the night, you might make a lot of noise and wake a few people up, maybe even the neighbors.  The most recent winner of $200,000 on the game Casino Riches did just that a few days ago.

IMG_1577_editKyle Parris from Blackfoot works graveyard shifts. On Monday night, after completing his shift, he stopped at the Maverik on Bridge Street in Blackfoot to get a few items, including a couple of Lottery Scratch tickets.

“It was after midnight. I usually only buy the $5 games, but I looked up and saw the $20 game and thought, why not,” explained Kyle on purchasing his ticket.  “I took it home and started scratching it in the middle of the night.  Everyone was asleep.  At first I thought I’d only won $20, but then I kept seeing more and more zeros.  When I saw I won $200,000 I woke everyone in the house up whooping and hollering!” 

Kyle won and claimed the first top prize of $200,000 on the Scratch Game Casino Riches.  He said he plans to pay off some bills then invest his winnings.

Congratulations Kyle!

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