Lottery Player Starts Week $100,000 Richer!

Winning $100,000 is a great start to any one’s week, but in particular for Jason Reed of Nampa. On Saturday, Jason stopped in the Jacksons at 612 Northside Boulevard in Nampa to get a few Idaho Lottery Scratch tickets.  He won $95 from his original purchases and then began to buy $10 Mega Royal Riches Cashword tickets. With the winnings from those tickets, he continued to play, buying two more.

IMG_1579_edit“The first one was not a winner at all.  On the second one, at first I thought I’d only won $1,000. Then I kept playing it and counting words and thought I’d won $5,000 so I asked the clerk what she thought,” described Jason on his winning experience. “She looked and counted words and that’s when we realized it was the $100,000 winner! 

Jason quickly signed the back of the ticket and kept it safe over the weekend before cashing it at the Idaho Lottery offices first thing on Monday morning. 

“All the way home Saturday was like a daydream,” added Jason. “I’ve never been very good with money, so, I’m going to take some advice and invest most of it.  I might buy a fishing boat, too.”

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