$300,000 Triple Platinum Scratch Ticket Sold at Ady’s in Post Falls!

$300,000 Triple Platinum_$300,000Perhaps most famous for selling a jackpot winning ticket on Mega Millions in January 2011, Ady’s Car Wash and Convenience Store in Post Falls is gaining a reputation for selling other big winning Idaho Lottery tickets, especially Scratch GamesTM.  This Conoco Station on Seltice Way in Post Falls jumped into the national spotlight when it sold half of a $380 million Mega Millions jackpot on January 4, 2011.  Since then, the store has sold a $250,000 winner on Mega Millions (8/11), and a parade of Scratch ticket top prize winners including $28,000 on Born to Bingo (8/12), $30,000 on Lights, Camera, Cashword (5/15), and now $300,000 on Triple Platinum.

The final top prize on Triple Platinum, a game that was 99.95% sold through, was claimed today at Idaho Lottery offices in Boise by Bradley Wilde of Post Falls.  Wilde said he plans to pay off his mortgage and help family with his winnings. Bradley is the biggest Idaho Lottery winner ever who resides in Post Falls.

This win makes Ady’s Car Wash and Convenience Store the second luckiest store in Idaho for selling top prizes and big winning jackpot game tickets.

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