Shooting For The Stars – Top Prize Scratch Ticket Claimed in Athol!

“We love that there are no city lights, no noise, and the only light we see at night comes entirely from the stars!”
Linda Fucone - $15,000 5 X CashLinda Fucone and her husband from Athol, ID have lived there for 7 years, and previously lived in southern California. Everyday is a treasured day for them, but a trip into town this last weekend made it all the sweeter!
Linda typically picks up Scratch tickets about once per month. “I win occasionally, usually my money back or a little extra, it’s a fun past time,” said Linda.
This stop, however, at Little Town Market in Athol turned into more than just money back winnings. Upon scratching her ticket, she was in awe that after matching her numbers, the zero’s kept coming and inevitably showed $15,000!
“With a portion of my winnings, I’m going to go to Australia to visit one of my girlfriends. We’ve been trying to make this work for the last 10 years, and it’s finally going to happen!”
Congrats to Linda Fucone from Athol, ID who won $15,000 on 5 X Cash. Ticket purchased at Little Town Market in Athol.

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