In total, it’s about an eight to nine hour, scenic drive from Sandpoint to Boise along Highways 95 and 55.  But for one Lewiston man, his journey along this rugged mountain route took three weeks and won him $30,000.

IMG_1638_editTim Tannahill was originally only making a three hour drive from Sandpoint home to Lewiston early one morning in April when he stopped at the Jifi Stop in Hayden.  Carrying only about $50 in winning Lottery tickets, he exchanged them for gasoline and a handful of Scratch tickets.

“I needed to fill up my car with gas to get to Lewiston for work and that store was the only one open.  I had money left over from my winnings, so I asked the clerk to give me four 24 Karat Cashword tickets and then two of those Kaleidoscope Cashword tickets,” explained Tim on purchasing what would turn out to be a top prize winner. “I tossed them in my lunch box and headed off to Lewiston for work. I completely forgot they were there for about two weeks. Turns out, it was the last ticket I bought, the second Kaleidoscope Cashword ticket that won.”

When he realized he did have a Kaleidoscope Cashword ticket worth $30,000, he contacted a friend and the two drove to Boise, playing the Lottery along the way and using their winnings to fill the gas tank.  Tim says he plans to pay off some debts and maybe get a new truck with his winnings.

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