IMG_1646_editIt was the last thing Artemio Hurtado of Shoshone was expecting when he purchased a $10 Mega Money Cashword ticket from the Oasis Stop ‘n Go on Highway 30 in Filer while visiting a friend.  And even after playing the ticket, he was convinced that he did not have all twelve words necessary that could win him the game’s first top prize of $100,000.

“I didn’t believe it. All the way here I didn’t believe it. And even now that I am here, I don’t believe it,” said Artemio when he collected his check from Idaho Lottery offices in Boise.  “I just kept saying over and over, there aren’t really twelve words.  There aren’t.”

There were twelve words and Artemio claimed $100,000 from the Lottery late on IMG_1634_editThursday afternoon.  He has no immediate plans for his winnings.

The city of Shoshone and Blaine County area just to the north is currently a hot bed for winners in Idaho.  Ten days ago, Blaine County resident Brian Arenas bought a $50,000 Powerball winner from Valley Country Store in Shoshone.  Yesterday, Artermio from Shoshone bought a $100,000 winner in Filer and last night there was a $56,177 winner on Idaho Jackpot sold in Blaine County.

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