JUST PASSING THROUGH – Utah Woman Claims $50,000 Top Prize!

Kirsten Wiscombe from Salem, Utah was taking a road trip with her mother from their home through Idaho on their way to Portland, Oregon for a friend’s graduation.  Only thirty miles from the Oregon border, the pair stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Caldwell.  Kirsten went inside and saw the Lottery Scratch tickets and became curious. 

IMG_1704_edit“I bought a $1 ticket and won $4 back.  I didn’t even know you could win more money back on these. It was the first I’d ever played,” explained Kirsten.  “After winning I thought I should try a more expensive ticket, so I took the winnings and added a dollar and bought a $5 one.”

Welcome, to Idaho Kirsten.  You just won $50,000 on the Scratch Game Fire and Dice!

She had her mom check the ticket, then the clerk, then her mom, then her clerk. She was convinced there was a mistake.  After confirming with the store she needed to claim the ticket in Boise, Kirsten and her mother turned around and drove back to Lottery Offices to claim her prize.

“I’m going to put these winnings into savings. Maybe pay off some bills, but definitely save this. Wow!” exclaimed Kirsten.

After collecting her oversized souvenir check, her “Wooh! I won!” picture frame, and the actual check with her winnings, their two and a half hour detour through the Treasure Valley completed, Kirsten and her mom resumed their trek for Portland which was still more than six hours away.

“I’ll be coming back through early next week, so maybe I’ll stop in again!” said Kirsten as she left the Lottery Offices.

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