Hansen Man Wins $200,000; A Dozen Magic Valley Wins Since March!

BOISE, Idaho – Lottery magic has found the Magic Valley again, this time for a man from Hansen just in time for the Fourth of July weekend.  Lonnie Ellison stopped in the Maverik in Kimberly on his way home from work last night and picked up a Casino Riches Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket.

IMG_1717_edit“As I was playing it I thought maybe it was a $100 winner,” explained Ellison.  “Then I looked at it and thought, wow, I think I won $200,000.  I took it home and showed my wife, looked at it about five times then took it back to the store in Kimberly.  They said they couldn’t cash it and I had to come to Boise.  Wow, wow, wow!”

Ellison claimed the last top prize of $200,000 on the game this morning.  He and his wife plan to pay off their house and invest the remainder of their winnings.

This win continues a streak of big winning tickets from the greater Magic Valley area.  Since March 1, 2016, a dozen players from the Magic Valley have claimed prizes of at least $30,000 or higher.  Ellison’s win is the largest among this group.  No other geographical region in Idaho has had this high of a concentration of winners over the same period of time.

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