California Couple’s Motorcycle Trip Pays Off!

When it comes to family, traveling 864 miles in 14 hours isn’t out of the question for Long Beach, CA couple Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes. It had been a while since everyone in their family was able to come together, so they were happy to make the trip. 

IMG_1763_editCheryl and Daniel were both the first people to say that they might play a couple Scratch tickets here and there, but it’s just when they’re at a convenience store. A family member of Cheryl and Vincent had been been playing a couple of White Hot Cash Scratch tickets with the $10 he had at Jacksons in Meridian, just a short distance from the house, that both turned out to be non-winners. After using the $10 he had to spend on Scratch tickets, he headed back toward home. On his way home he saw Cheryl and Vincent about to leave for a ride on their motorcycles and told them to go to the Jacksons he was just at because he guarantee the next ticket or two would at least be a $5 or $10 winner.

“We stopped by the convenience store as we were leaving for our bike ride and picked
IMG_1764_editup $20 worth of White Cash Scratch tickets. We put them in our packs and held onto them until we got home. Since we don’t play that often, I had my family help me scratch them and figure out if I’d won anything,” said Daniels.

“At first I thought it was an ’S’, so I looked at the instructions to see what that meant; it was actually a $ symbol. After reading that I’d won the prize shown with the $ symbol, my eyes slowly glanced up the ticket to see $50,000! I…I…I was speechless. I thought, there’s no way. 

1958_001[2]After I collected myself and started believing that I’d truly won $50,000, my family told me to download the Idaho Lottery Check-A-Ticket App. After scanning the ticket, it made all kinds of fun noises and told me I had to bring it to the Lottery,” said Daniels.

Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes split their winnings and both receive $25,000. Cheryl plans on depositing her cash and just enjoying the rest of her time with family, “I haven’t had time to even think of what I may do with my winnings, I’m just going to enjoy my vacation and birthday this Saturday,” said Daniels happily. Vincent told us that he’d probably buy some ‘toys’, “I enjoy cars and motorcycles, so I’ll probably use some of my winnings for that and put the rest in the bank,” said Reyes.

Congrats to Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes from Long Beach, CA who won $50,000 on White Hot Cash. The lucky ticket was purchased at Jacksons in Meridian. There is still one top prize remaining.

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