Mythical $30,000 Prize Claimed on Cake Walk Cashword!

It was Friday at 5:00 p.m. and James Oneal of Boise was on his way home from work. As he often does, he decided to stop by Jacksons Food Stores on Orchard and I-84 since it’s on the way.

img_1780_edit“I picked up a Cake Walk Cashword ticket and after scratching it counted out 9 words! I had it scanned there at the store, it did the song and dance, and then a ‘claim at lottery’ receipt printed, I was so excited!” said Oneal.

When James got home he told his family that he’d won’ $1,000. As you might expect, everyone in the family wanted to see the ticket, so they gathered around the table and started matching up the letters; but something was different this time. As James looked back over the ticket, he noticed a “Y” that had been scratched in one place, but not in another. He made sure that the letter was in fact in the “Your Letters” section, and after scratching that final letter he revealed a final word, MYTH, which allowed him to complete the 10th word. However, this was no myth!

“$30,000….$30,000…$30,000! I couldn’t stop shouting it. With the holiday weekend, it was the longest three days I’ve had to wait for in a long time!” explained Oneal.

James plans on buying a new car and saving the rest of his winnings. CONGRATS JAMES!

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