Silver Miner Wins Jewel Jackpot, Claims $200,000 from Idaho Lottery

BOISE, Idaho – A silver miner from Idaho’s Silver Valley has claimed the final $200,000 top prize on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch Game $200,000 Jewel Jackpot.  Nick Arthun, Osburn, Idaho, who works at the Galena Mine in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District bought his winning ticket on Wednesday evening, just as he was beginning a seven-day period off from work.

“My heart was pounding a 100 miles per hour. I didn’t know what to think,” explained Arthun on his winning experience. “I wanted to tell everyone!”

Arthun and his girlfriend, Jenna, caught an early morning flight Thursday to Boise to claim their prize.  The couple’s flight to Boise had continuing service to Las Vegas, which they contemplated, but determined they had better uses for their winnings.

“We just built a house in Osburn. No house payment, no truck payment, that’s the way to do it,” said Arthun. “We’re going to be smart with this.”

Arthun purchased his winning ticket from Stein’s Family Foods in Osburn. Arthun’s win officially ends the Scratch Game $200,000 Jewel Jackpot.

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