ghostbusters_50000Perhaps it is fitting that the first $50,000 winner on Ghostbusters became a game-like apparition.   Joshua Morgan from Idaho Falls mailed in the big winning ticket that was purchased at the Gen-N-Go located at 1490 Fremont Ave in Idaho Falls.

What else would you expect from a ticket that goes bump in the night, comes complete with proton blasters (they really aren’t unlicensed nuclear accelerator devices) and twenty ways to win. From the game that brought you spook central and floating, full-torso apparitions means that chasing winners shouldn’t make you afraid of ghosts, ghouls, or anything else from Gozer.  Let alone the first top prize winner of $50,000.

Congratulations Joshua on your big win and keeping with the theme by being our “Winning Apparition!”

One $50,000 top prize on the game Ghostbusters is still mysteriously in-play in Idaho.

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