Sailing the Seas with Blingo Slingo Winners

Terry McMorrow and his wife Nancy were playing two consecutive Blingo Slingo Scratch tickets on Wednesday night.

img_1796_edit‘I won $10!” exclaimed Terry.

“I won fifty,” said Nancy.  “50,000!”

Nancy said she was going for a blackout on her Blingo Slingo ticket and needed only one more number to reach that and the $50,000 prize.   That’s when she matched the last winning number to the only remaining number in her Slingo grid, completing the blackout and securing the last top prize on the game.

Terry claimed the ticket Thursday afternoon from the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise although Nancy was taking credit for scratching the winning ticket.  “I did all the hard work,” explained Nancy.

“I drove to the store and bought the ticket,” said Terry, sheepishly.

Self-proclaimed ‘cruise people’, the lighthearted Meridian couple have traveled the world cruising, so deciding where to go next could be a challenge with their new found winnings.  While they were claiming their prize, however, they could not agree on the location – Mexico, the Caribbean, or Alaska.  Oh, the choices.  One thing is for certain; their top prize winning Blingo Slingo ticket is enough to secure a very nice cabin onboard whichever ship and destination they choose.

Terry bought the winning ticket at Fast Eddy’s #2 in Meridian on Ten Mile.  When he returned to the store to verify their top prize win, he purchased a $2 Red Hot Cash ticket…that won him $100.

“Maybe Powerball is next for me?” asked Terry.  “Maybe I’ll see you all back here on Monday.”

After claiming their prize, Lottery staff wondered that if the McMorrow’s take a cruise after winning the jackpot on Blingo Slingo, where would they go if they won $30,000 on Seven Seas Slingo?

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