Turn 18, Buy A Lottery Ticket, Win $10,000!

It’s really that simple! 😉 well, for Christopher Kik of Kuna it was! Christopher’s older brother gave him $20 worth of Scratch tickets on October 16 as a gift the day he turned 18. From those tickets, he had several winning tickets that amounted to $30. Christopher bought a couple more tickets and won $110 on top of the $30 he had already won! After pocketing $100 from his winnings that afternoon, he spent the rest on $2 Santa Paws Scratch tickets. To his surprise, his winning didn’t stop there, and his next prize amount was nearly unfathomable! In complete disbelief, he had one specific ticket scanned at the Jacksons in Meridian. “Instead of hearing what I had won, it instead said ‘Claim at Lottery’, and I knew I’d won big, said Kik!

img_1822_editChristopher said he already has a new to him Chevy truck picked out that he is going to purchase with his winnings! Happy Friday and happy 18th birthday, Christopher!

Ticket purchased at Jacksons in Meridian.

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