Idaho Falls Man Becomes Cash King, Wins $100,000!

Wade Hutchinson became Idaho’s latest “Cash King” when he cashed in on a top winning prize of $100,000 from the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game, Cash King.  And while Hutchinson says he does not need to inherit a “kingdom of wealth,” his $100,000 win has blessed him and his family!

wade-hutchinson_idahofalls_100k“We love Idaho Falls and would like to stay here for a long time, but with a family of six, space is pretty tight,” said Hutchinson of his family that has lived in an Idaho Falls apartment for the last three years.   

Hutchinson said his family has never been in a financial position to purchase a home, but with their family growing, it has been something they’ve hoped to do.

“We are so excited and thankful! We are now able to put a large down payment on a home, something we’ve dreamt of for years. I also plan on getting a new truck,” added Hutchinson happily.  “For the first time, we will have reliable transportation and a house we can call our own.”

Hutchinson claimed the final top prize of the game Cash King from a ticket he purchased at KJ’s on Broadway in Idaho Falls. This is the largest prize sold by this KJ’s location!

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