First 25,000th Raffle Ticket Claimed!

Time was running out for Jack, as he was finishing up packing for his family’s hunting trip. “I had bought two Raffle tickets for the Early Bird promotion, and when I did, I was 400 away from ticket #025000,” said Jack Keithley of Middleton. The clerk at the store had told Jack that he may want to wait around because when it gets close, tickets start going fast!

25,000th Raffle Ticket WinnerWith a couple things left on his to-do list before leaving town, Jack left the store with the two Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets he had purchased. After running a quick errand, he remembered that he had to pick up some drinks, so Jack stopped by 44 Quick Stop in Caldwell and also picked up another Raffle ticket. “I was 45 tickets away from the 25,000th ticket when that printed out. So I told the cashier, who I’ve known for quite some time, to wait until I say GO to press the button to print the ticket,” said Keithley. The button was pressed and the ticket printed, and the rest is history!

Jack and his wife are building their first home, so this money will go toward the “accessory fund” for the house!

Who’s going to get the 50,000th Raffle ticket? Good luck, Idaho!

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