Give unto others – Idaho Lottery winner to help others with $100,000 win!

Gary Messinger and his wife were heading home after hitting a bucket of golf balls at the Boise Ranch Golf Course when they stopped by Maverik Adventure’s First Stop on Lake Hazel and Cloverdale in Boise to grab a drink and some Lottery tickets.

“Along with playing Weekly Grand, I usually play the same Scratch ticket for a couple of weeks, and then switch to another, said Messinger. Gary had just started playing Perfect 10 and this was the second ticket he’d purchased thus far. He had the clerk scan the barcode and after hearing the bells and whistles immediately said ‘sign the ticket, you need to go to the Lottery office’!

“I was overjoyed, I thought I’d won $1,000!” said Gary after hearing of his win.

Several people started gathering around Gary, including the manager of the store, because everyone wanted to see the ticket. He had only scratched off the barcode at the time, so he went on to scratch the rest of the ticket. The one number that matched the winning numbers and your numbers was 14. Underneath the 14, $100,000! “The only hard part about winning $100,000, was that I won it on Saturday. I haven’t slept very well the last two night’s in excitement to bring the ticket in Monday.”

Gary plans to help those close to him as he feels that’s how this money that came into his life is meant to be used. “We will likely treat ourselves and go on vacation, but a good portion of this will be to help those in our family.”

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