It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

Just before lunchtime, Tim Cochell had just finished a work-related delivery at the Fred Meyer on Orchard and Franklin in Boise when he decided to buy a White Hot Cash Scratch ticket from the store’s Idaho Lottery vending machine.

“I scratched the bar code and then scanned it with the Lottery check-a-ticket app on my phone,” explained Cochell, who works for Heineken.  “Usually it tells me how much I’ve won, like $5, but this time my phone said to call the Lottery, so I knew it was something good.”

img_1845_editAfter scratching the ticket more completely, his White Hot Cash ticket turned out to be the game’s final top prize of $50,000. 

“I wasn’t going to drive around with a $50,000 winner in my truck, so I called you guys to get directions,” said Cochell.

Sporting his green work shirt from Heineken for his official winning photo, within an hour of purchasing his ticket, Cochell had won, and claimed, his $50,000 winner.  With his lunch break over, he was heading back to work to finish his deliveries before finding his own five o’clock somewhere.

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