Dash Full of Cash – Idaho Lottery Winner Claims $100,000 on Powerball!

What do you normally have sitting on your dash? For Trek Coburn of Garland, UT, not only did he leave something on the dash, he left it there for weeks, something with a very high value!

At the beginning of November Trek drove up to Preston to visit family and pick up some Lottery tickets. “I always buy Powerball tickets and then Scratch tickets for my wife,” said Coburn.

After purchasing his Powerball ticket the first week of November, he left it on the dash of his truck until this morning when he was heating up his truck. “I nearly threw it away since I thought I’d already checked it, but I had it checked again to make sure.”
Until this morning, nearly a month after purchasing the ticket, Trek didn’t know he had a winning ticket. Just hours after checking his ticket, he showed up at the Idaho Lottery office to claim his $100,000 Powerball with PowerPlay prize!
Congrats to Trek Coburn from Garland, UT who won $100,000 on Powerball. Ticket purchased at Kelly’s Conoco in Preston. Trek and his wife plan to pay off bills and put the rest in savings.

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