Boise, ID – When the Idaho Lottery offers one of its Idaho-only Raffle games, we encourage every Raffle player to sign their tickets and keep them in a safe place until the draw. That’s exactly what one Nampa couple did with their St. Patrick’s Day Raffle ticket that turned out to be the game’s top prize winner of $100,000!

 “It’s been iIMG_2000n a drawer in the kitchen since we bought it,” said Donald Haggin.  “I don’t play very often and when I do I keep the tickets in that kitchen drawer and hope to remember to check them before they expire.”

Haggin’s wife saw the tickets Thursday in the drawer and thought they should check them.  With her husband, she returned to the Liquor Store on Marketplace Boulevard in Nampa where they purchased the ticket to have it checked.

“They scanned the ticket and told us to sign it and head to the Lottery offices immediately, which we did,” said Haggin. 

Not an hour later the couple had claimed the $100,000 winning St. Patrick’s Day Raffle top prize from a ticket they bought nearly two months ago and over five weeks since the winning number announcement. 

“When we bought it, the clerk told us what great odds there were. I guess they were right!” added Haggin.  “I’m glad we checked when we did, or the ticket might be in the drawer for a while longer.”

Haggin said they plan to save their winnings for the future.

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