Emmett Man Claims $200,000 Winner!

BOISE, Idaho – Robert Johnson stopped in Don’s Market in Emmett to buy some gasoline and a couple of items he needed.  While paying, he noticed the store had a new Lottery Scratch Game, Regal Riches, in the counter display.

“I’d won $100 on the game already a couple of times, but didn’t buy one right then,” explained Johnson on his purchase. “I walked out of the store, then thought about it, turned around and went back in and bought one.”

That turned into a fortunate decision for Johnson who won $200,000. 

“I saw the stack of money bills symbols, and the $200,000 prize under it. My heart started pounding. I didn’t believe it. I even looked at it real close without my glasses to be sure,” said Johnson on discovering he had won the game’s first top prize.

Johnson claimed his winning ticket late on Tuesday afternoon at Lottery Offices in Boise.  He plans to invest his winnings.  Johnson is the third winner from Emmett to claim a prize of $200,000 in Idaho Lottery history.


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