Weekly Grand Winner!

For the second time in four months, Ransom’s Country Store in Preston has sold a jackpot-winningIMG_2148.JPG ticket.  Long known for selling winning tickets to out-of-state visitors, Franklin County’s latest two big winners have both been sold to Preston residents. 

Shauna Iverson claimed the Idaho-only Weekly Grand jackpot from a ticket she bought for the September 13, 2017 draw. 

“I checked my ticket the next day and I noticed I had matched two numbers and thought, all right! I’ve won a free ticket.  Then I saw I had three numbers and got more excited because I’d won $25!” Iverson explained on how she checked her winning ticket.  “Then I saw I had the fourth number and realized I’d won $200!  When I saw I had matched all five numbers, I ran and told my husband that I’d won the Lottery!”

For winning the jackpot on Weekly Grand, the Idaho Lottery has paid the prize withholding taxes on Iverson’s behalf, meaning she’ll receive a check for $1,000 cash every week for the next year.

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