Kathy Martin and her husband, originally from Idaho but now residing in Green River, Wyoming, decided to travel for the Christmas holiday and found themselves staying for several days in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.   During dinner at the Chuckwagon on the 23rd of December, she saw Lottery tickets and decided to purchase $5 worth.


“We only have games like Powerball in Wyoming, so when I saw the scratch tickets, I had to get a few!” described Kathy. 

Her decision made the holiday a whole lot happier!  She won the first top prize of $10,000 on Polar 

Bear Bucks.  “When I scratched it, I saw the “Bear Paw” (symbol) and the $10,000 underneath it.  We then had the ticket checked and it said we needed to bring it to Boise, but didn’t tell us how much.  We didn’t know we’d won $10,000 until we got here!” said Kathy when she claimed her prize the day after Christmas.

After winning, the couple decided to return to Lava and finish their winter vacation!


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