More winners, more often, in more places!  During the month of March, players who purchase any Powerball with PowerPlay ticket will have a chance to be one of 100 random $1,000 winners.  You won’t know where or when it’s going to happen, but the more Powerball with PowerPlay tickets you purchase, the greater the chance you have to win $1,000!

Here’s how it works: When the Powerball with PowerPlay ticket is printed and it is a random winner, a trumpet sound will play and a voucher for the $1,000 will print out! This will happen 100 times during the month of March all across Idaho.

All $1,000 prizes must be claimed from Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise, either in person or through the US Mail.  To claim your prize, you’ll need your voucher and your corresponding Powerball with PowerPlay ticket (or a copy of it).Facebook.jpg

New to PowerPlay?  PowerPlay multiplies non-jackpot winning Powerball tickets up to $2,000,000!  The cost to add PowerPlay to your Powerball ticket is $1 per line played.  Each draw, a random multiplier number from 2x to 5x (or up to 10x if the jackpot is less than $150 million) is selected.   If you have a winning ticket, your PowerPlay will multiply those winnings by the number chosen for that draw!

To view our Powerball with PowerPlay prize chart click HERE.

Be sure to add PowerPlay to your Powerball tickets during the month of March.  Each ticket with PowerPlay has the chance to win.  Buy your ticket, listen for the trumpet sound, and enjoy winning one of the 100 random $1,000 prizes or even the Powerball jackpot itself!

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