They don’t live near to one another, they didn’t even know each other.  Even stranger, both winners shared a similar story of living in one town but visiting the next town over to buy their Lottery tickets.

And as unlikely as the odds might seem, one afternoon in late February, these two Mega Millions players from opposite sides of Idaho met and became friends when they each cashed in winning tickets worth $30,000.

Hugh Massie.JPGHugh Massie from Boise bought his $30,000 winning Mega Millions ticket from the vending machine at Customer Service in the Eagle Winco Store. Frank Lavatta from Blackfoot purchased his $30,000 winning Mega Millions ticket from the K & B Kwik Stop on Roosevelt in Pocatello. And on the afternoon of February 21, the two winners from different parts of Idaho from two different draws who both matched four lucky numbers plus the Megaball AND had the Megaplier which was 3 both times together claimed their prizes of $30,000.

And while there was a lot of discussion on who was going to do what with their winnings, it seemed that Hugh might buy Frank a hat band for his cowboy hat and that Frank might get Hugh his own cowboy hat. And although this never came to pass, both winners were thrilled with their big wins!Frank Lavatta.JPG

And according to Idaho Lottery Public Information Specialist David Workman, he couldn’t ever recall two winners in the lobby claiming the same prize amount from the same game from two different draws at the same time.  What are the odds?


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