blogHeaderThe future has arrived.  We are living in an age when cars can drive themselves and we can ask our electronics to play music, turn on lights, record our favorite TV shows, or start the oven.  And not that long ago, they even put a Tesla sports car into space and sent it towards Mars.  Surely, this is the future.

And with the dawn of these modern marvels arrives a bold new Lottery game that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and it’s only in Idaho.  In fact, this futuristic ticket is the most transparent way to win we’ve ever offered.  Even winning on this game is futuristic, unique enough that players get to choose what their top prize will be!

On March 28, the Idaho Lottery will make history when we introduce the first ever clear plastic Scratch Game, Cash Getaway.  Not only is the ticket “clear” (yep, you can see right through it), it also offers the first ever “Clear Play” feature.

Cash Getaway features two top prizes of $50,000 each.  Players can choose to take thecash, or, since summer is right around the corner and summer vacation planning is too, they can work with Harmon Travel to build the most luxurious vacation of a lifetime!  The choice is yours.


In GAME 1, players scratch the starfish area to reveal a barcode for use on their smartphone or a game code to enter on a computer at Once scanned or entered, the player can play the interactive game to reveal two additional symbols. When playing on a smartphone, players can place the scratch ticket over their screen for the full “Clear Play” experience.  If they match 2 of the 4 symbols they win $25! Players without an interactive device may scratch the ticket’s regular barcode and scan their ticket at retail to see if they win.

Game 2 on Cash Getaway is simple key number match. You match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING PASSPORT NUMBERS to win the prize shown.  If you reveal an airplane symbol, you win that prize instantly.

The future of the world is in clear view now, but like anything in the future, seeing is believing.  And you won’t be able to see this game in person until March 28.  When you do see it, trust us, you’ll see clearly the future has arrived.

Click here to go to our YouTube page and learn more about the making of the World’s First Clear Plastic Ticket!


  1. Shame on you for creating a plastic game. The environment it’s already filled with too much plastic will not degrade. You should continue to produce games on paper and not plastic. This is so bad.


    1. While we might not change your mind, we did want to share that Clear Play tickets, like the other tickets in our line-up, are recyclable. The substrate, PET, is recyclable – it is the same substrate as water bottles.


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