Eastern Idaho is the hot place to be if you were a big Lottery winner in late January and February.   Of the seventeen winners who claimed a prize of more than $5,000 during this time, five of them were from eastern Idaho.

Frank LavattaThere’s a related story about Frank Lavatta of Blackfoot who won $30,000 on Mega Millions.  In addition to him, the final Harley Davidson motorcycle winner was sold at the Maverik on Bridge Street in Blackfoot.

But the winning wasn’t confined just to Blackfoot, either.  A Big Money Jackpot winner worth $207,815 was sold at the Midget Market in Idaho Falls.  One of the $100,000 top prizes from the game Fame & Fortune was sold from the Albertsons on W. Broadway in Idaho Falls.

And rounding out eastern Idaho’s luck this past month was a $5,000 winner on the game $300,000 Exclusive sold to and claimed by Leo Hoffman of Chubbuck. His winning ticket came from the Maverik located I-15 and the Center Street Exit in Pocatello.

Congratulations eastern Idaho on all of your really big wins!


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