New! Hot Ticket Sweepstakes!

The long range forecast for this summer is in and it calls for hot tickets with hot winnings!  It’s Hot Ticket Sweepstakes, the new $5 game with a guaranteed top prize of $100,000!  Grab the swim suits, pump up the donut floats, break open the beach umbrella, and lather up with sunscreen because this game is H-O-T, HOT – the hottest ticket of the summer.

Hot Ticket Sweepstakes kicks-off at 4:00 am MT on Monday, May 21, 2018.  There are only 100,000 of the $5 tickets available in the game and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  This game features other prizes besides the top prize of $100,000 including twenty-five $1,000 prizes and one thousand $50 prizes.  In all there are more than 5,400 prizes in the entire game.  That’s so hot, it’s practically on fire!


FINAL WINNING NUMBER ANNOUNCEMENT: The Idaho Lottery will draw for the winning numbers and the guaranteed top prize of $100,000 just three business days after the game sells out.

Be the first to play, play regularly, and then enjoy winning.  Hot Ticket Sweepstakes, it’s your HOT ticket to a COOL $100,000!

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