News Around Idaho


Brandi Colton was doing inventory at her store and had to be to work at 3:30 am.  Around 10:00 am, she got a break and visited the Stinker Store in Emmett.  Bleary eyed, she purchased a $5 Peel the Love Scratch ticket, played it, and won.  She stared at it and couldn’t believe she had won $50,000.

“I’m not tired anymore!  I’ve got the adrenaline pumping, I’m wide awake!” exclaimed Brandi who claimed her ticket later in the day.

Brandi plans to help family with her winnings and then take a trip to Ireland!



There is a one hour time difference between American Falls and Moscow, Idaho.  One evening, Kathleen Taylor from outside of Moscow was playing her Cowbell Cashword Scratch ticket while talking on the phone to her sister who lives in American Falls. It was getting pretty late in the evening when Kathleen discovered she had won $50,000 on the game.

“She started whooping and hollering that she’d won,” said Kathleen’s sister. “All I said to her was, ‘You did not. Shut up and go back to sleep.’  A couple of days later, here we are.”

Kathleen traveled by bus to Boise because her car had broken down while her sister drove a car over from American Falls.  The two met up in Boise with the plan they’d return to the Moscow area after claiming the prize.

The win comes as a blessing during a difficult time in Kathleen’s life. She had recently left her job to care for her terminally ill father.  She said her winnings will go to help his expenses.

Her $50,000 winning ticket was purchased at Sunset Mart in Moscow.

Kathleen Frame


It’s not every day a household namesake wins $50,000.  And it’s not every day the household namesake is working on a project synonymous with his name.  Such is the story of Mr. Howard Johnson of Dover, Idaho.  No, he’s not THAT Howard Johnson but this Mr. Johnson just recently completed an extensive remodel on his house.  Unfortunately, he ran about $50,000 over budget.  And then he purchased a Powerball ticket from the Lancaster Market in Hayden that won him $50,000.  Maybe Howard Johnson’s alter ego name could be “Even Steven.”  Congratulations!



Larry Southern of Caldwell is a matter-of-fact individual.  And according to him, it was a just an ordinary day, like all the others. He stopped at the store, he bought a ticket, he played it, and he won.  Of course, the one un-ordinary thing for Southern that does not happen every day was his winning amount of $250,000, the first top prize on the game $250,000 Casino Nights.

Southern’s Winning ticket was sold at the Albertsons located at 415 Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell.  He plans to pay off his house and live a little more comfortably with his winnings.

Larry Southern


Addison Road was the place to be in the month of April, especially if you were an InstaPlay player.  The Oasis on Addison sold a $5,000 winning Ultimate Diamond Jackpot InstaPlay ticket to Robert Clement. In addition, the Smith’s on Addison sold a $5,000 winner on the InstaPlay Bingo game to Gary Woodland!

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