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Get Ready for Sizzlin’ Summer

Get ready.  The Idaho Lottery is putting the sizzle into summer and we are getting you geared up for it – literally, with a family of games that could win you up to $66,000 in top prizes and the ultimate dream barbeque prize packages!


  • Traeger Renegade Elite with pellets and grill cover
  • Yeti Tundra 45 Hard-side Cooler plus a Yeti 4 lb Ice Pack
  • Two Double R Ranch Beef Bundles including:

Best of the West

  • 1 – Prime Cowboy Steaks (2 lbs each)
  • 2 – Filet Mignons (8 oz each)
  • 2 – Boneless Ribeyes (14 oz each)
  • 2 – Ground beef packages (1 lb)
  • 2 – Beef Frank packages (4 pack)

Big Steak Gift

  • 1 – Prime Cowboy Steaks (2 lbs each)
  • 2 – Boneless Ribeyes (14 oz each)
  • 2 – T-Bone Steaks (1.4 lb)
  • 2 – Porterhouse Steaks (1.5 lbs)

That’s over 15 pounds of premium beef from Double R Ranch.


How do you get in on this sizzlin’ excitement?  It’s as easy as igniting your new Traeger.  Beginning May 7, 2018, enter any non-winning Sizzlin’ summer family of tickets for your chance to win.  One ticket equals one entry.  You may enter any of the Sizzlin’ Summer games, including the $1 Sizzlin’ Grill Money, $2 Sizzlin’ Beach Bucks, $5 Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash, and the $1 InstaPlay game Sizzlin’ Summer Cash.  Non-winning tickets may be submitted through the Idaho Lottery’s VIP Club or via tele-entry at 208-334-4656.


Drawings will be held once a week.  To be eligible, all entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm Mountain Time each Friday, beginning with May 25, 2018.  Every week for six weeks we’ll select one winner. Entries do not carry over from one draw to the next, so you must enter each drawing for a chance to win.  The last entry is on June 29, 2018 with the final draw taking place just in time for the 4th of July.


Be sure to join the Idaho Lottery’s Wooh Crew at select Maverik locations across Idaho this summer.

Adventure’s first stop will host over two dozen events in their stores from Rigby to Hayden and all points in between.  At the events, purchase a $10 Sizzlin’ Pack and then play Plinko for prizes from the Idaho Lottery. Prizes may include free Lottery tickets and serious summer prizes.  Players who purchase two $10 Sizzlin’ Packs are also entered to win the Maverik pack that includes an iconic, 100 oz. Maverik Mug and a $25 Maverik gift card. Maverik prizes are awarded at each event. And not to be missed, the frozen t-shirt contest. Once during each event, the on-site radio station will select contestants for a frozen t-shirt contest where the winner receives $50 in Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash Scratch tickets and the runner up receives one free Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash ticket.  The rules are simple – get the t-shirt thawed, unfolded, and on over your clothes before your competition.  It’s the best way to cool, other than winning cold hard cash, of course.

The events run from May 22, 2018 to June 27, 2018.



The Idaho Lottery is definitely putting the sun into summer with the $1 InstaPlay game with Sizzlin’ Summer Cash.  This terminal-based Scratch game has a top prize of $1,000.  It’s the feel good ticket of the summer and it’s available from either the cashier’s terminal or a Lottery DreamTouch vending machine.


No lighter fluid required for this game; the coals are already smoking hot when you play Sizzlin’ Grill Money.  Be careful when you touch this game: it’s on fire with prizes, up to the top prize of $5,000.  That’s a lot of beef you could grill up when you win.


Collect all your driftwood, pull out the plaid blanket, and settle in for beach fun, sun, and winning.  Sand castles, starfish and beach balls along with a beach chair to relax in while you scratch all ten sizzling money bags full of prizes.  Win $10,000 and you’ll be able to have your own beach party! Just be careful not to burn your toes if the sand is too hot!


Pitch your tent and set up camp for a chance to win the biggest prize from the lottery’s newest family of games this summer, $50,000.  Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash has over $1.2 million in prizes between $10 and $50.  Set against the warmth of a campfire and the backdrop of Idaho’s mountain range, Sizzlin’ Campfire Cash is one of the hottest tickets this summer!  With twenty sizzling bags of money on each game, you’ll have plenty of chances to win, just remember to douse the campfire thoroughly when you’ve won!

New! Hot Ticket Sweepstakes!

The long range forecast for this summer is in and it calls for hot tickets with hot winnings!  It’s Hot Ticket Sweepstakes, the new $5 game with a guaranteed top prize of $100,000!  Grab the swim suits, pump up the donut floats, break open the beach umbrella, and lather up with sunscreen because this game is H-O-T, HOT – the hottest ticket of the summer.

Hot Ticket Sweepstakes kicks-off at 4:00 am MT on Monday, May 21, 2018.  There are only 100,000 of the $5 tickets available in the game and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  This game features other prizes besides the top prize of $100,000 including twenty-five $1,000 prizes and one thousand $50 prizes.  In all there are more than 5,400 prizes in the entire game.  That’s so hot, it’s practically on fire!


FINAL WINNING NUMBER ANNOUNCEMENT: The Idaho Lottery will draw for the winning numbers and the guaranteed top prize of $100,000 just three business days after the game sells out.

Be the first to play, play regularly, and then enjoy winning.  Hot Ticket Sweepstakes, it’s your HOT ticket to a COOL $100,000!

News Around the Nation


The sole winner of the world’s 10th largest lottery jackpot moved last year to New Jersey and works as a production manager at food-service manufacturer, state lottery officials announced.

Richard Wahl, 47, of Vernon Township, N.J., bought his Mega Millions ticket, worth $533 million, the day before the March 30 drawing at a convenience store located on a route to work. He opted to take $324 million in cash now rather than the full value in installments over 30 years.

“We’re a humble family, and we’re going to keep our roots,” Wahl said Friday as lottery officials presented his oversized check. “We are not the type to run out and spend all the money and have a great time and party it up.”

Ameer Krass, who identified Wahl earlier by looking at video surveillance footage around the time officials said the winning ticket was sold, called Wahl a regular at his gas station mini-mart but kept mum on the winner’s name.

Wahl moved to New Jersey in July from Michigan and works at AAK Foodservice. He said he and his family had not made a decision about moving, but his decision for the cash prize means he will collect about $175 million after federal, state, and local taxes.

At first, Wahl said he looked at the ticket, his gateway to the fourth largest Mega Millions jackpot, and thought he had won $1 million.

“I was excited, life-changing money,” he said. He became emotional when recounting the moment he realized he had won the grand prize.

“It didn’t sink in. It was truly amazing.” Wahl said he walked upstairs and told his wife they were going on vacation. “We hit it,” he told her.

Then they reviewed the numbers about 15 times more just to be sure, put the valuable ticket in a fireproof safe and didn’t leave the house all weekend, he said.  He claimed the prize two weeks later.

Wahl would like to rebuild a 1964 Corvette and said he hopes to do charity work with the winnings. He already has consulted a team of financial experts, who were present at the lottery’s news conference.

“For us, we believe God has a plan,” Wahl said. “It’s not only life-changing money for me, we want it to be life-changing money for others — family, friends, people in need.”

His mother has been on a reduced income in recent times, he said. Now he will be able to help her.



Nebraska Lottery officials say a Powerball ticket worth $1 million was sold to a couple from Bennington.

Brad and Kim Brunk claimed their prize from a ticket they bought the ticket at a Cubby’s convenience store in Bennington. Their ticket matched the first five numbers in the Powerball drawing but missed on the Powerball number.

Nebraska winners

The Brunks told Nebraska Lottery officials they used the jersey numbers of her favorite Chicago Cubs baseball players for their ticket numbers. They said they’ll use the money to pay bills, set up college funds for their children and grandchildren and save for retirement.


It’s not every day that Kennet “Kenny” McGuire of Clarksville purchases a Missouri Lottery Powerball ticket. In fact, it’s more like every once in a while.

“I just buy one whenever I’m at the gas station and I think about it. I’ve bought maybe five tickets so far this year,” said McGuire.

On April 4, while getting sodas at Abel’s Quik Shop, 602 S. Third St. in Louisiana, the Lottery caught McGuire’s eye.

“I bought one Quick Pick Powerball ticket and stuck it in my wallet,” recalled McGuire.

It wasn’t until the Clarksville resident and his wife, Brandi, returned to Abel’s Quik Shop 10 days later that they had the ticket checked for prizes.

“I handed the ticket to the clerk. He scanned it, and he told me that he couldn’t cash the ticket,” explained McGuire, who previously worked Abel’s Quik Shop and knows the clerk.

“I told him, ‘Well, if you can’t cash it, throw it away.’ He said, ‘No! You’re going to have to go to the Lottery office to cash this. I can’t cash it,’” recalled McGuire.

McGuire’s Powerball ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball number drawn in the April 4 drawing, resulting in a $50,000 prize.

After convincing his wife that the ticket was real, the McGuires traveled to the Lottery’s St. Louis office on April 16 to claim the prize.

“She keeps joking with me, saying things like, ‘You had $50,000 in your wallet for 10 days and didn’t tell me? How selfish are you?’” laughed McGuire.

With the $50,000 prize, the McGuires are looking forward to paying off their debt and treating their growing family with a trip to Six Flags St. Louis. McGuire also plans to share a small portion of the prize with the clerk who sold him the ticket.

News Around Idaho


Brandi Colton was doing inventory at her store and had to be to work at 3:30 am.  Around 10:00 am, she got a break and visited the Stinker Store in Emmett.  Bleary eyed, she purchased a $5 Peel the Love Scratch ticket, played it, and won.  She stared at it and couldn’t believe she had won $50,000.

“I’m not tired anymore!  I’ve got the adrenaline pumping, I’m wide awake!” exclaimed Brandi who claimed her ticket later in the day.

Brandi plans to help family with her winnings and then take a trip to Ireland!



There is a one hour time difference between American Falls and Moscow, Idaho.  One evening, Kathleen Taylor from outside of Moscow was playing her Cowbell Cashword Scratch ticket while talking on the phone to her sister who lives in American Falls. It was getting pretty late in the evening when Kathleen discovered she had won $50,000 on the game.

“She started whooping and hollering that she’d won,” said Kathleen’s sister. “All I said to her was, ‘You did not. Shut up and go back to sleep.’  A couple of days later, here we are.”

Kathleen traveled by bus to Boise because her car had broken down while her sister drove a car over from American Falls.  The two met up in Boise with the plan they’d return to the Moscow area after claiming the prize.

The win comes as a blessing during a difficult time in Kathleen’s life. She had recently left her job to care for her terminally ill father.  She said her winnings will go to help his expenses.

Her $50,000 winning ticket was purchased at Sunset Mart in Moscow.

Kathleen Frame


It’s not every day a household namesake wins $50,000.  And it’s not every day the household namesake is working on a project synonymous with his name.  Such is the story of Mr. Howard Johnson of Dover, Idaho.  No, he’s not THAT Howard Johnson but this Mr. Johnson just recently completed an extensive remodel on his house.  Unfortunately, he ran about $50,000 over budget.  And then he purchased a Powerball ticket from the Lancaster Market in Hayden that won him $50,000.  Maybe Howard Johnson’s alter ego name could be “Even Steven.”  Congratulations!



Larry Southern of Caldwell is a matter-of-fact individual.  And according to him, it was a just an ordinary day, like all the others. He stopped at the store, he bought a ticket, he played it, and he won.  Of course, the one un-ordinary thing for Southern that does not happen every day was his winning amount of $250,000, the first top prize on the game $250,000 Casino Nights.

Southern’s Winning ticket was sold at the Albertsons located at 415 Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell.  He plans to pay off his house and live a little more comfortably with his winnings.

Larry Southern


Addison Road was the place to be in the month of April, especially if you were an InstaPlay player.  The Oasis on Addison sold a $5,000 winning Ultimate Diamond Jackpot InstaPlay ticket to Robert Clement. In addition, the Smith’s on Addison sold a $5,000 winner on the InstaPlay Bingo game to Gary Woodland!

Third Week’s The Charm!

BOISE, Idaho – From a power bill to the Powerball, one lucky Pocatello woman is $150,000 better off for paying her light bill and then checking a recent Idaho Lottery ticket.

For the past three weeks, Sofia Galvan of Pocatello had unknowingly been carrying around a winning Powerball ticket worth $150,000 in the “lucky” envelope of her Idaho Power bill.  Yesterday, after paying her Idaho Power bill, Galvan noticed the unchecked Powerball ticket in the envelope.  She took the ticket to a store and had the clerk check to see if it won.

Sofia Galvan

“I heard the ‘Wooh! Wooh!’ sound and I knew it was a winner,” exclaimed Galvan. “The clerk told me though I needed to claim it in Boise. It was too much for her to pay at the store. I didn’t know how much I’d won. I thought I’d won maybe $700.”

Once Galvan arrived at Lottery Offices in Boise, the true value of her Powerball ticket was learned.  Her $700 winner was actually a big Powerball with PowerPlay winner from the March 31, 2018 draw.

“I found out right here that I won $150,000.  I’m kind of shaking,” she said.

Her ticket matched four of the first five numbers plus the Powerball and had the PowerPlay multiplier.  PowerPlay is an additional $1 per play at the time of purchase and multiplies non-jackpot winning tickets by the multiplier selected for that draw.  On March 31, the multiplier was 3, turning her $50,000 winner into $150,000.

Galvan purchased her winning ticket from the Common Cents Store located on 5th Avenue in Pocatello.  This store is quickly gaining a reputation as the luckiest store in Pocatello.  In the past 18 months, this Common Cents Store has sold two $10,000 winners on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle game (one each in 2016 and 2017) plus this Powerball winner for $150,000.   For their part in selling the winning ticket, Common Cents receives a bonus of $15,000.

Galvan plans to use her winnings to improve her personal vehicle situation and perhaps get some furniture with her winnings.

Eastern Idaho boasted a second winner following Galvan today when Joy Anderson of Arco won $10,000 on a Big Dang Deal scratch ticket. She purchased her ticket at Jack’s Travel Plaza in Arco.

Joy Anderson

No Monsters Under This Bed!

Over the years, the Idaho Lottery has heard some unique tales of where folks have kept big winning tickets before claiming them.  The refrigerator and portable fire proof safes come to mind.  We’ve also heard of folks keeping the ticket in the visor of their truck, or in the glove box of their car.  It almost seems cliché to think people actually keep money under the mattress.  Almost.

Congratulations to Crystal Machuca from Caldwell who won $100,000 on the game Mega Money Fall Cashword!


According to Crystal, she purchased the ticket a few days ago but didn’t play it right away. Instead, she stashed the ticket in her mattress until playing it.  Once she did play it, she thought it was a mistake when she had uncovered all those words.

“I checked the ticket on the Lottery check-a-ticket app first. And it said I had to claim it at the Lottery,” described Crystal on how she determined it was a winner. “Then I took it back to the store and had the clerk check it.  She told me I needed to claim at the Lottery.  I didn’t believe it.”

Crystal claimed her $100,000 top prize alongside her husband Alfredo who plays more than she does.  “I’m always giving him a bad time for playing and then I go and win big,” teased Crystal.

Her winning ticket was sold from the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Ustick in Caldwell.  Crystal plans to put her winnings toward paying her house.

Clearly, April is a Month for Winning!


Be the first to see and play the WORLD’S FIRST clear Lottery Scratch game.  It’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world!  Try the new, clear $5 Cash Getaway ticket the next time you visit your favorite retail location.  You could win the game’s top prize of $50,000 cash or the trip of a lifetime.

IMPORTANT PLAYING TIP:  Cash Getaway is fully integrated into the base, Idaho Lottery mobile app.  For the best playing experience, the Idaho Lottery recommends downloading the Idaho Lottery app from the App Store or Google Play.  It’s free.  To play Cash Getaway on the app, open the Idaho Lottery app, then click on MOBILE GAMES.  Cash Getaway is loaded in your menu.  Open to begin playing and winning!

And be sure to join the Idaho Lottery and the Wooh Crew at these events around Idaho at your favorite Fred Meyer locations.  Check out the jumbo, seven-foot oversized replica clear Cash Getaway ticket. And, for every Cash Getaway ticket you buy, you’ll receive a free $2 Powerball ticket from the Idaho Lottery’s Wooh Crew!

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