Top 10 Luckiest Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Stores!


The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle is your best chance at winning $1,000,000, hands down! This year is the 10th Anniversary of Raffle and to celebrate we’ve compiled the TOP 10 Luckiest Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Stores based on having previously sold BIG Raffle prizes and other significant Idaho Lottery wins in years past!

  1. MAVERIK | Karcher Rd & Middleton Rd | NAMPA: This lucky Raffle store comes in at #1, having sold a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize in 2010 to Hilda Floyd! They’ve also sold a couple other famous wins, John Garcia & Eddie Dietrich, who who won $600,000 on Powerball in March of 2008 and Carolina Furdui who won $250,000 on Mega Millions in March of 2012!
  2. MAVERIK | Federal Way & Amity Rd | BOISE: This Maverik on Federal Way in Boise just got a remodel to their store and are hoping to take their TWO high tier Raffle wins and make it three! In December of 2014 Maverik sold a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize to Evelyn Jenkins and a second tier prize of $10,000 to Lorraine Mallet in December of 2015!
  3. JACKSONS | Logan St & Kimball Ave. | CALDWELL: This Jacksons is home to the Massoth family win from 2013, where three Massoth family members collected their $1,000,000 top prize on January 9, 2014. Their winning ticket was sold on November 12 and was ticket #034858.
  4. RIDLEY’S | Hwy 30 | BUHL: Ridley’s in Buhl doesn’t just carry groceries, they carry big winners! Gregg Owen left for the Ridley’s Food store in Buhl the day before Thanksgiving with a grocery list from his wife Cathie that included all the trimmings for a holiday dinner, plus what turned out to be two very important items. One of the Raffle tickets purchased turned out to be worth $1,000,000 from the 2008 Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle!
  5. MAVERIK | Main St & Hwy 95 | WEISERJust as you come across the Weiser river, be sure to stop at this lucky Maverik! In 2011, a group of Walmart employees from Ontario, OR saved up $10 from each paycheck for six month to pool for Idaho’s $1,000,000 Raffle. Each day they would buy a couple Raffle tickets until it sold out. It paid off, because one of the Raffle tickets, #055818 on December 1, 2011 was selected as the top prize!
  6. MAVERIK | Locust Grove & McMillan | MERIDIANMaverik in Meridian is the only store that can boast about having the most recent $1,000,000 top prize! During the 2015 Idaho Raffle, Jacob Christopherson picked up Raffle ticket #087162 on November 28. Jacob’s purchase stemmed from his desire to see what the current Raffle ticket was because he wanted to get the $1,000 prize during the 25,000th promotion. His “random” purchase paid off in a big way, $1,000,000 big!
  7. MAVERIK | Star Rd & State St. | STARMaverik in Star has a fun claim to fame for Raffle by selling the $1,000,000 top prize in 2012 to Mark Rossiter who kept his ticket on the Christmas tree as an ornament well past the New Year. Mark purchased his ticket on November 28 which was ticket #108847. In recent months this Maverik also sold a top prize of $35,870 on InstaPlay Game Big Money Jackpot on October 11, 2016!
  8. LA TIENDA | Main St. & State St. | FRANKLINLa Tienda in Franklin has had lots of luck over the years! In 2011, Brenda Foulger purchased ticket #017731 which turned out to be a second tier prize of $25,000! They’ve also had a handful of Draw Game wins. Since 2006, they’ve had three $200,000 Powerball wins, one $1,000,000 Powerball win, and one $1,000,000 Mega Millions win!
  9. FAST EDDY’S | Ten Mile Rd & Pine Ave. | MERIDIANFast Eddy’s is always a top contender for selling Raffle tickets in Idaho and by doing so they’ve had two $10,000 second tier prize wins! The first was purchased on December 19, 2012 ticket #178040 and the second on November 7, 2013 ticket #020636.
  10. GREENLEAF STORE | Simplot Blvd. & Academy Rd. | GREENLEAFIf you’re in Greenleaf, it would be wise to make a stop for a Raffle ticket! On November 9, 2009, ticket #059388 was sold to Randall Miller. On December 31, one of the best New Year’s gifts someone could ever receive was selected for Randall, a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize!

Luck is everywhere in Idaho. Good luck this Raffle season!


First 25,000th Raffle Ticket Claimed!

Time was running out for Jack, as he was finishing up packing for his family’s hunting trip. “I had bought two Raffle tickets for the Early Bird promotion, and when I did, I was 400 away from ticket #025000,” said Jack Keithley of Middleton. The clerk at the store had told Jack that he may want to wait around because when it gets close, tickets start going fast!

25,000th Raffle Ticket WinnerWith a couple things left on his to-do list before leaving town, Jack left the store with the two Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets he had purchased. After running a quick errand, he remembered that he had to pick up some drinks, so Jack stopped by 44 Quick Stop in Caldwell and also picked up another Raffle ticket. “I was 45 tickets away from the 25,000th ticket when that printed out. So I told the cashier, who I’ve known for quite some time, to wait until I say GO to press the button to print the ticket,” said Keithley. The button was pressed and the ticket printed, and the rest is history!

Jack and his wife are building their first home, so this money will go toward the “accessory fund” for the house!

Who’s going to get the 50,000th Raffle ticket? Good luck, Idaho!

And the $1,000,000 Winning Number is…

BOISE, Idaho – Someone holding an Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle ticket will be starting out the New Year as Idaho’s newest millionaire.  The Idaho Lottery announced the winning numbers in the sold out, 2015 edition of the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle shortly before 10 PM Mountain Time this evening.  And the $1,000,000 winning number for tonight’s draw is:

2105 Winning Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Number

 In addition to the $1,000,000 top prize, the Idaho Lottery also announced the two $10,000 prize winning numbers from this year’s game.  They are:

 1 4 5 4 7 3

1 6 4 5 0 3

“As an Idaho-only game, the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle continued to be one of our most popular and fastest sell-out games of the year.  This year’s $1,000,000 Raffle was packed with more prizes than ever before including the new $1,000 instant win feature for every 25,000th ticket purchased.  We thank everyone who participated in making this game a success for the good causes we support that benefit all Idahoans, Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund.  All players holding Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets should sign the back of them and keep them in a safe place until claiming their prize,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.

All winning tickets of $1,000 or higher in this game must be claimed at Lottery offices in Boise. Players will have 180 days after the draw on December 31, 2015 to claim their prizes.  Idaho Lottery offices are closed on January 1, 2016 in observation of New Year’s Day. Offices will reopen on Monday, January 4, 2016 at 8 AM Mountain Time.  All other prizes may be claimed at Idaho Lottery retail locations.

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle generated $800,000 in dividend revenue to benefit Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. 

Lucky Parma Woman Hits The 100,000th Raffle Ticket!

This year’s Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle has the best odds ever with over 6,100 prizes, a guaranteed $1,000,000 top prize and a NEW 25,000th ticket promotion that allows players the chance to win $1,000 instantly!

100000thRaffleWinner_Sarah Buckley

Sarah Buckley of Parma has been playing the Idaho Lottery since she turned 18 and has been aching for a big Idaho Lottery win! “I’ve won several good size prizes, but I’ve also missed some really big prizes by a single ticket,” said Buckley.

“We’ve been playing the 25,000th promotion since it started, and have been close each of the last three times! This time, however, we knew we were going to win!”

“My fiancé and I were sitting in our car, checking our phone and watching the number on the Idaho Lottery website. When it was 160 tickets until the 100,000th, he told me that it was time to go inside and get a ticket. I was hesitant, because I thought it was too early, but I listened to him nonetheless. I purchased the first ticket, but was still about 80 away.”

Sarah told us that the Valley Wide Parma Convenience Store regularly has a lot of commercial business that comes in and makes large purchases, which can take a while for the transaction and process to go through.

“I was worried after purchasing my first ticket, because the clerk said that she needed to help the next customer. Please, please, I said, can you just print one more Raffle ticket?”

The clerk printed the ticket and in one loud word exclaimed, “SERIOUSLY!”

“I had done it, the 100,000th Raffle ticket! I was jumping for joy and everyone in the store was congratulating me. This is one of the coolest, most exciting things that has ever happened to me,” said Buckley.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so excited to give my kids the Christmas they deserve!”

Sarah Buckley will continue to play the 25,000th Raffle promotion until Raffle sells out. So, are you going to get the 125,000th ticket?


Sometimes luck is being in the right place at the right time, and often luck is what you make of it.  For Blake Smith of Boise, both of these rang true as he collected the Idaho Lottery’s first $1,000 prize on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.

25000th Raffle Winner 2015

“I was checking my Powerball numbers on the Idaho Lottery website Tuesday night when I noticed a photo for the 25000th promotion on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle,” said Blake.  He clicked on the Raffle photo on the Powerball website, which took him to the main Raffle page. “The raffle counter was somewhere between 22,000 and 23,000 tickets sold, so I decided I’d pick up a ticket the following evening after work.”

When Blake finished work and was on his way home, he stopped at the Jacksons on Overland and Entertainment Way in Boise. Blake noticed that the line was long at the counter, so he decided to get his ticket from the red Idaho Lottery vending machine. “I had $40 on me, so I put $10 in to purchase a Raffle ticket. The number was 024988. I was excited and in shock at the same time. I was so close! I quickly put the other $30 I had in the machine and quickly pressed the Raffle button to print out tickets as fast as possible. Ticket number two, 024991, ticket number three, 024995, and the final ticket I purchased was 025000,” exclaimed Smith!

Blake has played the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle for several years and usually buys around 10 tickets throughout the sale of Raffle. “This is the most I’ve ever won on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.  I’ll definitely continue to buy Raffle tickets, along with participating in the ongoing 25,000th promotion.” 

Blake recently bought a home and plans to use his winnings toward a new fence.

Every High Tier Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Winner Since 2007!

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle is here and someone is going to win $1,000,0000, guaranteed! Whether you buy one Raffle ticket per day, get your tickets from different retailers each day, try to hit a specific number, or pick up your one lucky Raffle ticket in the hopes that it’s the winner, we know everyone has their favorite method of getting their Raffle tickets!

This year, 2015, will be the 9th year of the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle and to celebrate, we are showcasing the 38 previous high tier winners ($10,000 or higher) that have won in the last 8 years!

38. November 11, 2007. Bob Chester purchased his Raffle ticket at Jacksons #48 in Boise. November 11 has been recognized as a national holiday since 1938. Coincidently, the time stamp on Chester’s winning ticket was 11/11/07 at 00:11 AM – military time for 12:11 AM. His ticket number was 2655, worth $1,000,000!

37. November 11, 2007. Thomas Connelly purchased his Raffle ticket at the Idaho Lottery event trailer before the Boise State Football game that day in Boise. His ticket number was 6658, worth $25,000!

36. November 18, 2007. Jimmy Wilson purchased his Raffle ticket at the Greenhurst Chevron in Nampa. His ticket number was 92966, worth $25,000!

35. November 22, 2007. Lisa Phillips purchased her Raffle ticket at the Jacksons on Cherry Lane in Meridian. Her ticket number was 122619, worth $25,000!

34. November 24, 2007. Janice Olden purchased her Raffle ticket at Jacksons on Roosevelt in Boise. Her ticket number was 132983, worth $25,000!

33. November 26, 2008. Gregg and Cathie Owen purchased their Raffle ticket at Ridley’s in Buhl. Gregg Owen left for the Ridley’s Food store in Buhl the day before Thanksgiving with a grocery list from his wife Cathie that included all the trimmings for a holiday dinner, plus what turned out to be two very important items. “At the bottom of the list it said 2 Raffle tickets,” said Owen. “She gave me the $20 to get two tickets, so I stopped and picked them up. It was the best $20 investment we’ve made.” Their ticket number was 102813, worth $1,000,000!

32. November 27, 2008. Ramiro Here purchased his Raffle ticket at Gem Stop on Middleton in Nampa. His ticket number was 106526, worth $15,000!

31. December 5, 2008. Sid Brown purchased his Raffle ticket at Scoggins in Hamer. His ticket number was 133353, worth $15,000!

30. December 14, 2008. Tracie Edwards purchased her Raffle ticket at Miller’s Food City in Spirit Lake. Her ticket number was 168454, worth $15,000!

29. December 23, 2008. Beth Orler purchased her Raffle ticket at Jacksons #50 in Boise. Her ticket number was 210578, worth $15,000!

28. November 9, 2009. Randall Miller purchased his Raffle ticket at Greenleaf Store in Greenleaf. “I had a couple of tickets in the car that I went out to get and check,” said Miller sheepishly who admitted he had signed the tickets after purchasing them. “I told them I had one ticket in the 59,000’s and when I read the number, my sister Elizabeth told me it was the winner!” His ticket number was 59388, worth $1,000,000!

27. November 12, 2009. Brenda Kinney purchased her Raffle ticket at Jacksons #98 in Meridian. Her ticket number was 72271, worth $10,000!

26. November 18, 2009. Juan Aguilar purchased his Raffle ticket at Jacksons #57 on State St in Boise. His ticket number was 101013, worth $10,000!

25. December 14, 2009. Pamela Garlock purchased her Raffle ticket at Albertsons #184 Fuel Center in Boise. Her ticket number was 194202, worth $10,000!

24. December 16, 2009. Kathleen Armstrong purchased her Raffle ticket at Jones Chevron in Post Falls. Her ticket number was 202452, worth $10,000!

23. October 15, 2010. Nancy Kerns purchased her Raffle ticket at Winco Foods #1 on Myrtle in Boise. Her ticket number was 1313, worth $25,000!

22. December 9, 2010. Dorothy Henry purchased her Raffle ticket at KJ’s in Filer. Her ticket number was 150153, worth $25,000!

21. December 11, 2010. Melinda King purchased her Raffle ticket at Tobacco Connection in Nampa. Her ticket number was 155823, worth $25,000!

20. December 21, 2010. Hilda Floyd purchased her Raffle ticket at Maverik #278 in Nampa. “I have it all planned out. I am going to take care of few things for me then I’m going to take care of my family and my church,” explained Floyd who became the Idaho Lottery’s 25th millionaire. “Giving it away excites me more than anything else.” Her ticket number was 205429, worth $1,000,000!

19. December 24, 2010. Sandra Key purchased her Raffle ticket at Roadrunner Pit Stop in Dubois. Her ticket number was 241957, worth $25,000!

18. November 16, 2011. Brenda Foulger purchased her Raffle ticket at La Tienda in Franklin. Her ticket number was 17731, worth $25,000!

17. November 18, 2011. Cynthia Christian purchased her Raffle ticket at Jacksons #49 in Boise. Her ticket number was 23841, worth $25,000!

16. December 1, 2011. Five Walmart Co-workers (Aaron O’Neil, Monica Draper, Eddie Ynigez, Pamela Linville, Aaron Anderson) partnered together and purchased their winning Raffle ticket at Maverik #214 in Weiser. “We all work the night shift together, so I’d stop on my way home every morning and buy a couple of tickets,” said O’Neil who lives in Weiser and bought the winning ticket at the Maverik Country Store in his hometown. Their ticket number was 55818, worth $1,000,000!

15. December 13, 2011. Laroma Dawson purchased her Raffle ticket at Wild Willy’s in Emmett. Her ticket number was 96069, worth $25,000!

14. December 22, 2011. David Kennison purchased his Raffle ticket at KJ’s #22 in Boise. His ticket number was 141411, worth $25,000!

13. November 11, 2012. David Wade purchased his Raffle ticket at Kwik Stop in Malad. His ticket number was 40103, worth $10,000!

12. November 28, 2012. Mark Rossiter purchased his Raffle ticket at Maverik in Star. “We were a little slow in taking down our Christmas decorations this year,” explained Rossiter when he claimed the winning ticket at Idaho Lottery offices. “I pulled the ticket off the tree and went to check the number on the Internet just to be sure it wasn’t a winner before we threw it away. When I did, holy moly, we had the $1,000,000 ticket.” His ticket number was 108847, worth $1,000,000!

11. December 19, 2012. Kelly Whitehouse purchased her Raffle ticket at Fast Eddy’s #2 on Ten Mile in Meridian. Her ticket number was 178040, worth $10,000!

10. December 20, 2012. Sherrie Taylor purchased her Raffle ticket at Critters in Malad. Her ticket number was 183104, worth $10,000!

9. December 21, 2012. Lisa Martinez purchased her Raffle ticket at Gus’s Gas in Grand View. Her ticket number was 188011, worth $10,000!

8. November 7, 2013. Mark Backhaus purchased his Raffle ticket at Fast Eddy’s #2 in Meridian. His ticket number was 20636, worth $10,000!

7. November 12, 2013. The Massoth family purchased their Raffle ticket at Jacksons #63 in Caldwell. The three (Luella Rowe, Krista Massoth, and Gainelle Massoth), dubbed the ‘Hay-raisers’, have been playing the lottery and pooling resources on big jackpots for years. The group lives and works on the family hay farm outside of Caldwell. When they got together for dinner later that night, they had a lot to celebrate. Their ticket number was 34858, worth $1,000,000!

6. November 27, 2013. Robert Snyder purchased his Raffle ticket at Crossroad Express in Athol. His ticket number was 80522, worth $10,000!

5. December 21, 2013. Larry England purchased his Raffle ticket at Mr. Petrol’s Pantry in American Falls. His ticket number was 183357, worth $10,000!

4. December 22, 2013. Launa Walquist purchased her Raffle ticket at Ridley’s in Blackfoot. Her ticket number was 189042, worth $10,000!

3. November 8, 2014. Charles Kucera Jr. purchased his Raffle ticket at Gas For Less in Boise. His ticket number was 28994, worth $10,000!

2. December 20, 2014. Donn Christiansen purchased his Raffle ticket at Pilot Travel Center in Mountain Home. His ticket number was 160934, worth $10,000!

1. December 26, 2014. Evelyn Jenkins purchased her Raffle ticket at Maverik #255 on Federal Way in Boise. “I saw the winning number on television and I started screaming, ‘It can’t be!’” said Jenkins. “What a perfect way to end Christmas.” Her ticket number was 213684, worth $1,000,000!

There you have it, Idaho, the last 38 high tier winners in Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle history! We’re wishing you the best of luck in this year’s Raffle, with the best odds ever, $1,000 prizes given away with every 25000th ticket sold and a $5,000 Super Secret Giveaway. Remember, hold on to your ticket, you could be Idaho’s next millionaire!

Jenkins Celebrates New Year as Idaho Lottery’s Newest Millionaire

BOISE, Idaho – Evelyn Jenkins ended 2014 by watching the live announcement of the Idaho Lottery’s $1,000,000 Raffle from the Idaho Potato Drop on New Year’s Eve on television.  She’s starting out 2015 as the Idaho Lottery’s 51st millionaire after matching the Raffle winning number to one of the numbers on her five tickets and then claiming her $1,000,000 at Idaho Lottery offices on Thursday morning.

EvelynJenkins_2014RaffleWinner“I saw the winning number on television and I started screaming, ‘It can’t be!’” said Jenkins.  “What a perfect way to end Christmas.”

Jenkins already has plans for investing her winnings.  Jenkins is not available for contact by the media.

“We are excited to have Evelyn as our 2014 Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle winner.  We want to be respectful of her and to the extent possible, honor her request for privacy,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “She has requested the media respect her privacy and not contact her.”

This is the eighth consecutive year the Idaho Lottery has offered the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.  This year there were more than 6,100 winning tickets in the game.  In addition to the $1,000,000 top prize, there were two $10,000 prizes. Both of those prizes were claimed last Friday. One was claimed by Charles Kucera, from Boise who purchased his winning ticket at Gas for Less on Boise Avenue.  The second was claimed by Donn Christiansen from Nampa who purchased his winning ticket at Pilot Travel Center in Mountain Home.

There are still three unclaimed $2,500 ‘Early Bird’ winning tickets from this year’s Raffle. Those winning numbers are: 008684, 035449, and 106654. All players have until June 30, 2015 to claim all their prizes. Only the $2,500 ‘Early Bird’ prizes need to be claimed at Idaho Lottery offices. All remaining prizes may be claimed at Idaho Lottery retail locations.