Top 10 Luckiest Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Stores!


The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle is your best chance at winning $1,000,000, hands down! This year is the 10th Anniversary of Raffle and to celebrate we’ve compiled the TOP 10 Luckiest Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Stores based on having previously sold BIG Raffle prizes and other significant Idaho Lottery wins in years past!

  1. MAVERIK | Karcher Rd & Middleton Rd | NAMPA: This lucky Raffle store comes in at #1, having sold a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize in 2010 to Hilda Floyd! They’ve also sold a couple other famous wins, John Garcia & Eddie Dietrich, who who won $600,000 on Powerball in March of 2008 and Carolina Furdui who won $250,000 on Mega Millions in March of 2012!
  2. MAVERIK | Federal Way & Amity Rd | BOISE: This Maverik on Federal Way in Boise just got a remodel to their store and are hoping to take their TWO high tier Raffle wins and make it three! In December of 2014 Maverik sold a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize to Evelyn Jenkins and a second tier prize of $10,000 to Lorraine Mallet in December of 2015!
  3. JACKSONS | Logan St & Kimball Ave. | CALDWELL: This Jacksons is home to the Massoth family win from 2013, where three Massoth family members collected their $1,000,000 top prize on January 9, 2014. Their winning ticket was sold on November 12 and was ticket #034858.
  4. RIDLEY’S | Hwy 30 | BUHL: Ridley’s in Buhl doesn’t just carry groceries, they carry big winners! Gregg Owen left for the Ridley’s Food store in Buhl the day before Thanksgiving with a grocery list from his wife Cathie that included all the trimmings for a holiday dinner, plus what turned out to be two very important items. One of the Raffle tickets purchased turned out to be worth $1,000,000 from the 2008 Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle!
  5. MAVERIK | Main St & Hwy 95 | WEISERJust as you come across the Weiser river, be sure to stop at this lucky Maverik! In 2011, a group of Walmart employees from Ontario, OR saved up $10 from each paycheck for six month to pool for Idaho’s $1,000,000 Raffle. Each day they would buy a couple Raffle tickets until it sold out. It paid off, because one of the Raffle tickets, #055818 on December 1, 2011 was selected as the top prize!
  6. MAVERIK | Locust Grove & McMillan | MERIDIANMaverik in Meridian is the only store that can boast about having the most recent $1,000,000 top prize! During the 2015 Idaho Raffle, Jacob Christopherson picked up Raffle ticket #087162 on November 28. Jacob’s purchase stemmed from his desire to see what the current Raffle ticket was because he wanted to get the $1,000 prize during the 25,000th promotion. His “random” purchase paid off in a big way, $1,000,000 big!
  7. MAVERIK | Star Rd & State St. | STARMaverik in Star has a fun claim to fame for Raffle by selling the $1,000,000 top prize in 2012 to Mark Rossiter who kept his ticket on the Christmas tree as an ornament well past the New Year. Mark purchased his ticket on November 28 which was ticket #108847. In recent months this Maverik also sold a top prize of $35,870 on InstaPlay Game Big Money Jackpot on October 11, 2016!
  8. LA TIENDA | Main St. & State St. | FRANKLINLa Tienda in Franklin has had lots of luck over the years! In 2011, Brenda Foulger purchased ticket #017731 which turned out to be a second tier prize of $25,000! They’ve also had a handful of Draw Game wins. Since 2006, they’ve had three $200,000 Powerball wins, one $1,000,000 Powerball win, and one $1,000,000 Mega Millions win!
  9. FAST EDDY’S | Ten Mile Rd & Pine Ave. | MERIDIANFast Eddy’s is always a top contender for selling Raffle tickets in Idaho and by doing so they’ve had two $10,000 second tier prize wins! The first was purchased on December 19, 2012 ticket #178040 and the second on November 7, 2013 ticket #020636.
  10. GREENLEAF STORE | Simplot Blvd. & Academy Rd. | GREENLEAFIf you’re in Greenleaf, it would be wise to make a stop for a Raffle ticket! On November 9, 2009, ticket #059388 was sold to Randall Miller. On December 31, one of the best New Year’s gifts someone could ever receive was selected for Randall, a $1,000,000 Raffle top prize!

Luck is everywhere in Idaho. Good luck this Raffle season!


It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

Just before lunchtime, Tim Cochell had just finished a work-related delivery at the Fred Meyer on Orchard and Franklin in Boise when he decided to buy a White Hot Cash Scratch ticket from the store’s Idaho Lottery vending machine.

“I scratched the bar code and then scanned it with the Lottery check-a-ticket app on my phone,” explained Cochell, who works for Heineken.  “Usually it tells me how much I’ve won, like $5, but this time my phone said to call the Lottery, so I knew it was something good.”

img_1845_editAfter scratching the ticket more completely, his White Hot Cash ticket turned out to be the game’s final top prize of $50,000. 

“I wasn’t going to drive around with a $50,000 winner in my truck, so I called you guys to get directions,” said Cochell.

Sporting his green work shirt from Heineken for his official winning photo, within an hour of purchasing his ticket, Cochell had won, and claimed, his $50,000 winner.  With his lunch break over, he was heading back to work to finish his deliveries before finding his own five o’clock somewhere.

Northern Idaho Man Claims $50,000 Powerball Winner!

Per Bjorge from Post Falls didn’t really know what to think when he checked his Powerball tickets and saw that four of the five numbers matched those drawn for last Wednesday night. 

 “They were all the same. Well almost all of them,” explained Bjorge on finding out his ticket was a winner. “It was unbelievable.”

A native of Norway, Bjorge has lived in the United States with his wife for more than four decades.  They moved to Post Falls to be closer to family who reside in northern Idaho.

“This is going straight into the bank,” said Bjorge who is retired.  “It will just help us out.”

Bjorge bought his winning ticket at the Post Falls Super 1 Foods.

Give unto others – Idaho Lottery winner to help others with $100,000 win!

Gary Messinger and his wife were heading home after hitting a bucket of golf balls at the Boise Ranch Golf Course when they stopped by Maverik Adventure’s First Stop on Lake Hazel and Cloverdale in Boise to grab a drink and some Lottery tickets.

“Along with playing Weekly Grand, I usually play the same Scratch ticket for a couple of weeks, and then switch to another, said Messinger. Gary had just started playing Perfect 10 and this was the second ticket he’d purchased thus far. He had the clerk scan the barcode and after hearing the bells and whistles immediately said ‘sign the ticket, you need to go to the Lottery office’!

“I was overjoyed, I thought I’d won $1,000!” said Gary after hearing of his win.

Several people started gathering around Gary, including the manager of the store, because everyone wanted to see the ticket. He had only scratched off the barcode at the time, so he went on to scratch the rest of the ticket. The one number that matched the winning numbers and your numbers was 14. Underneath the 14, $100,000! “The only hard part about winning $100,000, was that I won it on Saturday. I haven’t slept very well the last two night’s in excitement to bring the ticket in Monday.”

Gary plans to help those close to him as he feels that’s how this money that came into his life is meant to be used. “We will likely treat ourselves and go on vacation, but a good portion of this will be to help those in our family.”

First 25,000th Raffle Ticket Claimed!

Time was running out for Jack, as he was finishing up packing for his family’s hunting trip. “I had bought two Raffle tickets for the Early Bird promotion, and when I did, I was 400 away from ticket #025000,” said Jack Keithley of Middleton. The clerk at the store had told Jack that he may want to wait around because when it gets close, tickets start going fast!

25,000th Raffle Ticket WinnerWith a couple things left on his to-do list before leaving town, Jack left the store with the two Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets he had purchased. After running a quick errand, he remembered that he had to pick up some drinks, so Jack stopped by 44 Quick Stop in Caldwell and also picked up another Raffle ticket. “I was 45 tickets away from the 25,000th ticket when that printed out. So I told the cashier, who I’ve known for quite some time, to wait until I say GO to press the button to print the ticket,” said Keithley. The button was pressed and the ticket printed, and the rest is history!

Jack and his wife are building their first home, so this money will go toward the “accessory fund” for the house!

Who’s going to get the 50,000th Raffle ticket? Good luck, Idaho!

Idaho Falls Man Becomes Cash King, Wins $100,000!

Wade Hutchinson became Idaho’s latest “Cash King” when he cashed in on a top winning prize of $100,000 from the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game, Cash King.  And while Hutchinson says he does not need to inherit a “kingdom of wealth,” his $100,000 win has blessed him and his family!

wade-hutchinson_idahofalls_100k“We love Idaho Falls and would like to stay here for a long time, but with a family of six, space is pretty tight,” said Hutchinson of his family that has lived in an Idaho Falls apartment for the last three years.   

Hutchinson said his family has never been in a financial position to purchase a home, but with their family growing, it has been something they’ve hoped to do.

“We are so excited and thankful! We are now able to put a large down payment on a home, something we’ve dreamt of for years. I also plan on getting a new truck,” added Hutchinson happily.  “For the first time, we will have reliable transportation and a house we can call our own.”

Hutchinson claimed the final top prize of the game Cash King from a ticket he purchased at KJ’s on Broadway in Idaho Falls. This is the largest prize sold by this KJ’s location!

Turn 18, Buy A Lottery Ticket, Win $10,000!

It’s really that simple! 😉 well, for Christopher Kik of Kuna it was! Christopher’s older brother gave him $20 worth of Scratch tickets on October 16 as a gift the day he turned 18. From those tickets, he had several winning tickets that amounted to $30. Christopher bought a couple more tickets and won $110 on top of the $30 he had already won! After pocketing $100 from his winnings that afternoon, he spent the rest on $2 Santa Paws Scratch tickets. To his surprise, his winning didn’t stop there, and his next prize amount was nearly unfathomable! In complete disbelief, he had one specific ticket scanned at the Jacksons in Meridian. “Instead of hearing what I had won, it instead said ‘Claim at Lottery’, and I knew I’d won big, said Kik!

img_1822_editChristopher said he already has a new to him Chevy truck picked out that he is going to purchase with his winnings! Happy Friday and happy 18th birthday, Christopher!

Ticket purchased at Jacksons in Meridian.

Sailing the Seas with Blingo Slingo Winners

Terry McMorrow and his wife Nancy were playing two consecutive Blingo Slingo Scratch tickets on Wednesday night.

img_1796_edit‘I won $10!” exclaimed Terry.

“I won fifty,” said Nancy.  “50,000!”

Nancy said she was going for a blackout on her Blingo Slingo ticket and needed only one more number to reach that and the $50,000 prize.   That’s when she matched the last winning number to the only remaining number in her Slingo grid, completing the blackout and securing the last top prize on the game.

Terry claimed the ticket Thursday afternoon from the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise although Nancy was taking credit for scratching the winning ticket.  “I did all the hard work,” explained Nancy.

“I drove to the store and bought the ticket,” said Terry, sheepishly.

Self-proclaimed ‘cruise people’, the lighthearted Meridian couple have traveled the world cruising, so deciding where to go next could be a challenge with their new found winnings.  While they were claiming their prize, however, they could not agree on the location – Mexico, the Caribbean, or Alaska.  Oh, the choices.  One thing is for certain; their top prize winning Blingo Slingo ticket is enough to secure a very nice cabin onboard whichever ship and destination they choose.

Terry bought the winning ticket at Fast Eddy’s #2 in Meridian on Ten Mile.  When he returned to the store to verify their top prize win, he purchased a $2 Red Hot Cash ticket…that won him $100.

“Maybe Powerball is next for me?” asked Terry.  “Maybe I’ll see you all back here on Monday.”

After claiming their prize, Lottery staff wondered that if the McMorrow’s take a cruise after winning the jackpot on Blingo Slingo, where would they go if they won $30,000 on Seven Seas Slingo?

$25,000 a Year for Life Winning Ticket Sold in Ada County

BOISE, Idaho – Twenty-five thousand dollars a year for life!  That’s what one lucky player of the Idaho Lottery’s game Lucky for Life has won from last night’s draw.  The Idaho Lottery has confirmed that one winning ticket was sold in Ada County and matched the first five numbers, but not the Lucky Ball itself, from the Lucky for Life draw on Thursday, September 15, 2016.   Last night’s winning numbers are 01, 04, 16, 28, 29, and the Lucky Ball was 10.

25k_winner_fb-post2“We are encouraging everyone who played Lucky for Life for last night´s draw to check their tickets carefully for winners,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “This ticket has earned its owner the chance of a lifetime.  They will receive $25,000 a year for as long as they live.”

Lucky for Life began in Idaho in January 2015 and is played in only twenty-one North American Lottery jurisdictions.  The game is drawn on Monday and Thursday nights.  The top prize in the game is $1,000 a day for life, no maximum payout. The second-tier prize, won in Idaho from last night’s draw, is $25,000 a year for life, with no maximum payout.  Both “Life” prize payouts have a 20-year minimum cash option.

“This is the third winner of $25,000 a year for life from this game in Idaho in the first twenty months of the game,” added Anderson. “Idaho is truly a lucky state!”

The winner from last night’s draw has 180 days to claim their prize from the Idaho Lottery.

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