More winners, more often, in more places!  During the month of March, players who purchase any Powerball with PowerPlay ticket will have a chance to be one of 100 random $1,000 winners.  You won’t know where or when it’s going to happen, but the more Powerball with PowerPlay tickets you purchase, the greater the chance you have to win $1,000!

Here’s how it works: When the Powerball with PowerPlay ticket is printed and it is a random winner, a trumpet sound will play and a voucher for the $1,000 will print out! This will happen 100 times during the month of March all across Idaho.

All $1,000 prizes must be claimed from Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise, either in person or through the US Mail.  To claim your prize, you’ll need your voucher and your corresponding Powerball with PowerPlay ticket (or a copy of it).Facebook.jpg

New to PowerPlay?  PowerPlay multiplies non-jackpot winning Powerball tickets up to $2,000,000!  The cost to add PowerPlay to your Powerball ticket is $1 per line played.  Each draw, a random multiplier number from 2x to 5x (or up to 10x if the jackpot is less than $150 million) is selected.   If you have a winning ticket, your PowerPlay will multiply those winnings by the number chosen for that draw!

To view our Powerball with PowerPlay prize chart click HERE.

Be sure to add PowerPlay to your Powerball tickets during the month of March.  Each ticket with PowerPlay has the chance to win.  Buy your ticket, listen for the trumpet sound, and enjoy winning one of the 100 random $1,000 prizes or even the Powerball jackpot itself!

All in the Family; Boise Woman Wins $103,000 Idaho Cash Jackpot Prize!

BOISE, Idaho – About seven months ago, Harold Gray won $1,000 playing the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game Super Triple 7s.  Not to be outdone, his wife, Yvonne Gray, claimed a $103,000 jackpot from the Idaho-only, Idaho Cash Draw Game yesterday.

IMG_2269.JPG“Mine has a couple of more zeroes on the end than his did,” laughed a thrilled Yvonne in reference to her husband’s win last June. “He’s jealous, but we’re keeping it all in the family!” 

Introduced in the spring of 2017, Idaho Cash is an in-state jackpot game, meaning the $1 tickets are only available for sale at Idaho Lottery retail locations.  The game is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and features a rolling jackpot that begins at $20,000 and grows until it is won.  Yvonne became the fourth Idaho Cash jackpot winner on this game. 

“I like Idaho Cash because it’s only in Idaho,” said Yvonne, explaining why she played the game. “I felt lucky, bought the ticket for only the second time, and voila! I won!”

Joining Yvonne when she claimed her ticket was her son, Alex.  He says now it’s his turn to win one of the really big jackpots, like Powerball, which has even more zeroes on the end. 

Yvonne bought her winning ticket from the Albertsons located on Ustick and Five Mile in Boise.  This is the fourth, six-figure and higher winning ticket sold at this Albertsons, making it the luckiest Albertsons location in Idaho.  They previously had sold a $390,000 winning ticket on Lucky for Life in 2016, a one million dollar Powerball winner in 2012, and the jackpot prize on the Winner Take All Raffle game in 2011.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Albertsons receives a bonus of $10,300.

Glenns Ferry Man Wins $200,000 on Holiday Scratch Game

BOISE, Idaho – Being in the right place at the right time has won Kevin Gonzalez $200,000 and made him the largest Lottery winner from Glenns Ferry.  Gonzalez, and his wife Maria, stopped to get gas on Friday night at the Price Less Mini Mart in Glenns Ferry.  As part of their stop, Gonzalez picked up a single A Wreath of Franklins Scratch ticket. 

IMG_2264“We don’t play that often and I never really thought anyone ever wins big,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez claimed the last top prize of $200,000 on the holiday-themed game A Wreath of Franklins.  His win officially ends that game.

“I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a fake,” said Gonzalez.  “I checked it on my phone with the app and it said to contact the Lottery.  We took it back to the store, and it said I needed to come to Boise to claim my winnings.”


Gonzalez signed his ticket and kept it safe all weekend until claiming his winnings on Monday morning at Lottery Offices in Boise.  The couple are exploring options for how to use their winnings.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Price Less Mini Mart in Glenns Ferry receives a bonus of $20,000.

Northern Idaho Woman Claims $1,000,000 Lottery Raffle Prize

Post Falls, Idaho – There’s an old saying that success can often be attributed to showing up.  In the Lottery world, winning is accomplished by buying at least one ticket.  Today, one northern Idaho woman proved both of these adages true when she received her winning check from Idaho Lottery officials for $1,000,000, the top prize in their game the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.

Lisa Clough has long been a regular Idaho Lottery player and member of the Idaho Lottery’s VIP Club. In early December, she received an e-mail from the Idaho Lottery inviting her to attend a special promotional night hosted by the Idaho Lottery and 103.9 BOB FM (KBBD – a Radio Spokane, radio station) at the Super 1 Foods store in Post Falls.  Her decision to attend and purchase Raffle tickets was worth $1,000,000.

RaffleWinner.jpg“You got extra holiday tickets for each Raffle ticket you bought at the Super 1,” said Lisa, explaining her decision.  “I thought it sounded like a good idea to get my tickets then, so I sent my son to the store to buy two for me.”

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle game ended on December 31, 2017 and the winning numbers draw occurred on January 2, 2018.   A few days after the draw, Lisa checked her tickets using the Idaho Lottery’s mobile check-a-ticket app. 

 “We checked our tickets with the app and it said to call the Lottery.  So we did,” said Lisa. “I told the gal on the phone the number I was checking and she told me ‘Congratulations’ and that I was holding the $1,000,000 winning ticket. I was little bit shaky after that.”

Lisa received her $1,000,000 check during a media event today at the Super 1 Foods store where the ticket was originally sold that night.  For their part in selling the winning ticket, Super 1 Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $20,000.  This is the largest winning ticket ever sold by Super 1 Foods. 

Lisa says she’ll take time to consider what to do with her winnings. Right now, she’s getting used to being the Idaho Lottery’s 59th millionaire.

“Sometimes you don’t believe your eyes,” said a happy Lisa when she received her check.  

Lisa is not available for further comment.  She has also requested privacy surrounding her win.


Heart of Gold

For Susan Poole, taking care of others at the sacrifice of herself has been a way of life for many years.  But after years of caring for sick friends and family, this Boise-transplant had her heart of gold rewarded when she claimed the top prize of $50,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch Game 24 Karat Gold.  Yes, the prize and the game name seem fitting.

IMG_2251.JPGAfter many tears of joy, Susan asked, “Is it real?” when she was handed both her souvenir check and her winner’s check.

And true to her spirit, when asked about her plans for her winnings, she offered she was going to slightly improve her living situation but will definitely use the windfall to help care for others.

Susan’s winning ticket was sold at the Jacksons store located on the corner of Ustick and Maple Grove.

 Congratulations, Susan!

It Only Takes One Ticket to Win!

Vinson Young is a firm believer that it only takes one ticket to win.  Usually, he buys no more than two or three tickets, but most often he only purchases a single ticket for big jackpots like Powerball and Mega Millions.

IMG_2247.jpgOn Wednesday night last week, Young’s lone Powerball ticket, purchased from a vending machine at Fred Meyer on Chinden and Linder in Meridian, matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball.  He cashed in the $50,000 winner today at Lottery Offices in Boise.

“The number I missed was only three off the number that night,” said Young referring to how close he came to winning the entire Powerball jackpot. “I guess it does just take one ticket to win!”


Would you carry around $50,000 in your purse for two weeks?

Would you carry around $50,000 in your purse for two weeks? Probably not, but that’s what Powerball winner Barbara Rediker from Boise unknowingly did.


Rediker matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball on a ticket she purchased for the December 20, 2017 draw at the Big Smoke on Overland.  After her

purchase she tucked the ticket away in her purse until just before New Year’s when she finally checked the ticket.

“It said to claim at Lottery, but I didn’t know for how much,” explained Barbara.  “Then we looked it up online and I saw we’d won $50,000!  I signed the ticket immediately.”

Barbara claimed her prize along with her daughter Kimberly.

“I know, I’ve been carrying around $50,000 in my purse for two weeks,” she said.  “We’re going to put it to good use.”

She checked the ticket last Friday night, but due to work was not able to claim the ticket until today.  She plans to put aside a little for a new house and pay off some bills with her winnings.


Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpot Duel Creates Lottery Fever

Idaho Lottery Urges Responsible Play

$50,000 Powerball Winner Sold in Ada County

 BOISE, Idaho – Powerball and Mega Millions are in the midst of a historic jackpot duel. This is the first time in US history both jackpots have been over $400 million at the same time.  As their jackpots continue to soar, their combined jackpots for this weekend are now an estimated $995 million, the third largest in combined jackpots in US history. As player participation increases, the Idaho Lottery is strongly urging all participants to please play responsibly.

“As interest in winning the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots begins to grow, remember each ticket has an equal chance of winning as any other ticket. It only takes one ticket to win,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “It’s also important to remember there are tons of other prizes in the game, up to $2 million for a ticket that matches the first five numbers, but not the Powerball, and has the PowerPlay feature; And up to $5 million for a similar ticket with Megaplier on Mega Millions. Players are reminded to check their tickets carefully for winners after each draw occurs.”

With no nationwide winner last night, the current Powerball annuitized jackpot estimate for Saturday night’s draw is now $550 million. This is the sixth largest advertised jackpot in Powerball’s history and the eighth largest jackpot in US history.

The Mega Millions jackpot was also boosted this morning.  The Mega Millions annuitized jackpot estimate for Friday night’s draw is now $445 million. This is the fourth largest advertised jackpot in Mega Millions history and the thirteenth largest in US history.

The Idaho Lottery has confirmed that one winning ticket for last night’s Powerball draw matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball. This winning ticket was sold at a retail location in Ada County and is worth $50,000.  The winner has not come forward to claim their prize.

As the draws for Friday and Saturday night get closer, the Idaho Lottery recommends the following advice for players who want to participate in this weekend’s big draws:

  • Be patient when waiting to get a ticket. Get your tickets early and do not wait until the last minute as there may be lines.
  • Be sure to sign your ticket at the time of purchase. Tickets are bearer instruments and the Idaho Lottery pays the person who signs and presents their ticket for payment.
  • After the draw, check your tickets carefully for winners. Players can use the Idaho Lottery’s free Check-a-ticket app (available at the App Store or Google Play Store), the Idaho Lottery’s website, the Lottery’s winning numbers hotline (208-334-4656), or at retail locations.
  • The Idaho Lottery also encourages players to consider taking the annuity payment when they win. Each game’s annuity prize is made in 30 payments over 29 years and pays out the full jackpot amount.

“Players who elect to take the annuity receive the entire prize over time,” added Anderson. “Each year, for twenty-nine years after your first payment, you receive a check worth eight figures. And this will be passed on to your estate and beneficiaries in the future.”

Wednesday night’s Powerball draw produced 14,816 winning tickets worth $139,986 in Idaho.  Tuesday night’s Mega Millions draw produced 6,004 winning tickets worth $34,474 in Idaho.

Players who wish to purchase a ticket for the Mega Millions jackpot must do so before 7:55 pm MT on Friday, January 5, 2018.  Players who wish to purchase a ticket for the Powerball jackpot must do so before 7:55 pm MT on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle Winning Ticket Sold in Kootenai County

$10,000 Winners Sold in Ada and Bannock Counties

BOISE, Idaho – Check your Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets Kootenai County!  One lucky player who purchased their Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle ticket in Kootenai County is starting the year off as Idaho’s newest millionaire. 

 The Idaho Lottery has confirmed the top prize winning ticket from the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle draw last night was sold from an Idaho Lottery retailer in Kootenai County.  The winning number for the $1,000,000 prize is 119664.

 In addition to the top prize, the Idaho Lottery has also confirmed the two $10,000 winning tickets were sold in Ada County and Bannock County.   The $10,000 winning ticket numbers are 095407 and 092208.

“There are over 6,900 prize winning tickets in this year’s Raffle.  We strongly encourage everyone who played the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle to check their tickets carefully for winners,” stated Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “All players holding Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets should sign the back and keep them in a safe place until claiming their prize.”

Players have 180 days from last night’s draw to claim prizes in the game.  The $1,000,000 prize, the two $10,000 prizes, and the $1,000 prizes must be claimed at Idaho Lottery Headquarters in Boise.  No one has come forward yet to claim the $1,000,000 prize or either of the two $10,000 prizes. 

To check their tickets for winning numbers, players can visit, call the winning numbers hotline at 208-334-4656, use the Idaho Lottery’s Check-a-Ticket app, or visit an Idaho Lottery retail location.

This year’s version of the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle returned over $800,000 to the Idaho Lottery’s beneficiaries, Idaho public schools and the State’s Permanent Building Fund.

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