Turn 18, Buy A Lottery Ticket, Win $10,000!

It’s really that simple! 😉 well, for Christopher Kik of Kuna it was! Christopher’s older brother gave him $20 worth of Scratch tickets on October 16 as a gift the day he turned 18. From those tickets, he had several winning tickets that amounted to $30. Christopher bought a couple more tickets and won $110 on top of the $30 he had already won! After pocketing $100 from his winnings that afternoon, he spent the rest on $2 Santa Paws Scratch tickets. To his surprise, his winning didn’t stop there, and his next prize amount was nearly unfathomable! In complete disbelief, he had one specific ticket scanned at the Jacksons in Meridian. “Instead of hearing what I had won, it instead said ‘Claim at Lottery’, and I knew I’d won big, said Kik!

img_1822_editChristopher said he already has a new to him Chevy truck picked out that he is going to purchase with his winnings! Happy Friday and happy 18th birthday, Christopher!

Ticket purchased at Jacksons in Meridian.

Sailing the Seas with Blingo Slingo Winners

Terry McMorrow and his wife Nancy were playing two consecutive Blingo Slingo Scratch tickets on Wednesday night.

img_1796_edit‘I won $10!” exclaimed Terry.

“I won fifty,” said Nancy.  “50,000!”

Nancy said she was going for a blackout on her Blingo Slingo ticket and needed only one more number to reach that and the $50,000 prize.   That’s when she matched the last winning number to the only remaining number in her Slingo grid, completing the blackout and securing the last top prize on the game.

Terry claimed the ticket Thursday afternoon from the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise although Nancy was taking credit for scratching the winning ticket.  “I did all the hard work,” explained Nancy.

“I drove to the store and bought the ticket,” said Terry, sheepishly.

Self-proclaimed ‘cruise people’, the lighthearted Meridian couple have traveled the world cruising, so deciding where to go next could be a challenge with their new found winnings.  While they were claiming their prize, however, they could not agree on the location – Mexico, the Caribbean, or Alaska.  Oh, the choices.  One thing is for certain; their top prize winning Blingo Slingo ticket is enough to secure a very nice cabin onboard whichever ship and destination they choose.

Terry bought the winning ticket at Fast Eddy’s #2 in Meridian on Ten Mile.  When he returned to the store to verify their top prize win, he purchased a $2 Red Hot Cash ticket…that won him $100.

“Maybe Powerball is next for me?” asked Terry.  “Maybe I’ll see you all back here on Monday.”

After claiming their prize, Lottery staff wondered that if the McMorrow’s take a cruise after winning the jackpot on Blingo Slingo, where would they go if they won $30,000 on Seven Seas Slingo?

$25,000 a Year for Life Winning Ticket Sold in Ada County

BOISE, Idaho – Twenty-five thousand dollars a year for life!  That’s what one lucky player of the Idaho Lottery’s game Lucky for Life has won from last night’s draw.  The Idaho Lottery has confirmed that one winning ticket was sold in Ada County and matched the first five numbers, but not the Lucky Ball itself, from the Lucky for Life draw on Thursday, September 15, 2016.   Last night’s winning numbers are 01, 04, 16, 28, 29, and the Lucky Ball was 10.

25k_winner_fb-post2“We are encouraging everyone who played Lucky for Life for last night´s draw to check their tickets carefully for winners,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “This ticket has earned its owner the chance of a lifetime.  They will receive $25,000 a year for as long as they live.”

Lucky for Life began in Idaho in January 2015 and is played in only twenty-one North American Lottery jurisdictions.  The game is drawn on Monday and Thursday nights.  The top prize in the game is $1,000 a day for life, no maximum payout. The second-tier prize, won in Idaho from last night’s draw, is $25,000 a year for life, with no maximum payout.  Both “Life” prize payouts have a 20-year minimum cash option.

“This is the third winner of $25,000 a year for life from this game in Idaho in the first twenty months of the game,” added Anderson. “Idaho is truly a lucky state!”

The winner from last night’s draw has 180 days to claim their prize from the Idaho Lottery.


ghostbusters_50000Perhaps it is fitting that the first $50,000 winner on Ghostbusters became a game-like apparition.   Joshua Morgan from Idaho Falls mailed in the big winning ticket that was purchased at the Gen-N-Go located at 1490 Fremont Ave in Idaho Falls.

What else would you expect from a ticket that goes bump in the night, comes complete with proton blasters (they really aren’t unlicensed nuclear accelerator devices) and twenty ways to win. From the game that brought you spook central and floating, full-torso apparitions means that chasing winners shouldn’t make you afraid of ghosts, ghouls, or anything else from Gozer.  Let alone the first top prize winner of $50,000.

Congratulations Joshua on your big win and keeping with the theme by being our “Winning Apparition!”

One $50,000 top prize on the game Ghostbusters is still mysteriously in-play in Idaho.

Silver Miner Wins Jewel Jackpot, Claims $200,000 from Idaho Lottery

BOISE, Idaho – A silver miner from Idaho’s Silver Valley has claimed the final $200,000 top prize on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch Game $200,000 Jewel Jackpot.  Nick Arthun, Osburn, Idaho, who works at the Galena Mine in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District bought his winning ticket on Wednesday evening, just as he was beginning a seven-day period off from work.

“My heart was pounding a 100 miles per hour. I didn’t know what to think,” explained Arthun on his winning experience. “I wanted to tell everyone!”

Arthun and his girlfriend, Jenna, caught an early morning flight Thursday to Boise to claim their prize.  The couple’s flight to Boise had continuing service to Las Vegas, which they contemplated, but determined they had better uses for their winnings.

“We just built a house in Osburn. No house payment, no truck payment, that’s the way to do it,” said Arthun. “We’re going to be smart with this.”

Arthun purchased his winning ticket from Stein’s Family Foods in Osburn. Arthun’s win officially ends the Scratch Game $200,000 Jewel Jackpot.

Mythical $30,000 Prize Claimed on Cake Walk Cashword!

It was Friday at 5:00 p.m. and James Oneal of Boise was on his way home from work. As he often does, he decided to stop by Jacksons Food Stores on Orchard and I-84 since it’s on the way.

img_1780_edit“I picked up a Cake Walk Cashword ticket and after scratching it counted out 9 words! I had it scanned there at the store, it did the song and dance, and then a ‘claim at lottery’ receipt printed, I was so excited!” said Oneal.

When James got home he told his family that he’d won’ $1,000. As you might expect, everyone in the family wanted to see the ticket, so they gathered around the table and started matching up the letters; but something was different this time. As James looked back over the ticket, he noticed a “Y” that had been scratched in one place, but not in another. He made sure that the letter was in fact in the “Your Letters” section, and after scratching that final letter he revealed a final word, MYTH, which allowed him to complete the 10th word. However, this was no myth!

“$30,000….$30,000…$30,000! I couldn’t stop shouting it. With the holiday weekend, it was the longest three days I’ve had to wait for in a long time!” explained Oneal.

James plans on buying a new car and saving the rest of his winnings. CONGRATS JAMES!

Boise Man Claims $200,000 on Lottery Scratch Ticket

BOISE, Idaho – Nathan Nuno of Boise is the Idaho Lottery’s latest $200,000 winner!  On Tuesday afternoon, Nuno was in the Jacksons Food Store located at Cole and Amity after work when he bought and played a High Stakes Casino Scratch ticket.

IMG_1776_edit“I scratched it at the store and didn’t believe it. I had the store check it and it won big,” said Nuno.  “I didn’t really celebrate until I got home.”

A local business owner, Nuno claimed his prize on Wednesday morning.  Nuno said he plans to purchase a new truck and a few vehicles to support his business.

This was the first top prize claimed on the High Stakes Casino Scratch Game. One top prize on the game remains unclaimed.

Larry Polowski Joins Idaho Lottery as Deputy Director of Sales

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Lottery announced that Larry Polowski has been appointed to the Lottery’s executive team as the new Deputy Director of Sales.  He joins the Idaho Lottery after an extensive and distinguished business career, most recently as the Director of Sales for KTRV Channel 12 in Nampa, Idaho.

LarryPolowski“I am pleased to appoint Larry Polowski to the management team of the Idaho Lottery,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director.  “Larry has been successful throughout his business career. He brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a fresh perspective to the lottery that will help us to achieve continued success in years to come.”

Polowski accepted the Deputy Director of Sales position following the retirement of Shannon Helppie, who had been with the Idaho Lottery for twenty-four years. 

“When you play the Lottery, all the benefits stay in Idaho. I am looking forward to being a part of an organization that provides meaningful, tangible benefits to the citizens and schools of Idaho,” said Polowski. 

Mr. Polowski attended Boise State University (BSU) where he studied Criminal Justice Administration and was a member of the BSU football team.  Following his time at BSU, he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.  He is a 34-year veteran of the advertising and broadcasting business.  In addition to his time at KTRV, his career includes experience as a partner and owner of advertising agencies Canyon Diversified Advertising and The Robert James Agency.  He was also local sales manager for KIDO-AM, an account manager for KIVI-TV, and local and general sales manager for KBOI-TV.  Mr. Polowski is an avid sports fan and has provided color commentary on numerous live television and radio sports broadcasts over the years including Boise State University and the University of Idaho. 

Polowski joins a highly experienced Idaho Lottery executive team that includes Director Anderson (9 years with the Lottery), Chief Operating Officer – Becky Schroeder (25 years with the Lottery), Deputy Director of Marketing – Sherie Moody-St. Clair, (21 years with the Lottery), and Deputy Director of Security – Amber French (19 years with the Lottery).

California Couple’s Motorcycle Trip Pays Off!

When it comes to family, traveling 864 miles in 14 hours isn’t out of the question for Long Beach, CA couple Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes. It had been a while since everyone in their family was able to come together, so they were happy to make the trip. 

IMG_1763_editCheryl and Daniel were both the first people to say that they might play a couple Scratch tickets here and there, but it’s just when they’re at a convenience store. A family member of Cheryl and Vincent had been been playing a couple of White Hot Cash Scratch tickets with the $10 he had at Jacksons in Meridian, just a short distance from the house, that both turned out to be non-winners. After using the $10 he had to spend on Scratch tickets, he headed back toward home. On his way home he saw Cheryl and Vincent about to leave for a ride on their motorcycles and told them to go to the Jacksons he was just at because he guarantee the next ticket or two would at least be a $5 or $10 winner.

“We stopped by the convenience store as we were leaving for our bike ride and picked
IMG_1764_editup $20 worth of White Cash Scratch tickets. We put them in our packs and held onto them until we got home. Since we don’t play that often, I had my family help me scratch them and figure out if I’d won anything,” said Daniels.

“At first I thought it was an ’S’, so I looked at the instructions to see what that meant; it was actually a $ symbol. After reading that I’d won the prize shown with the $ symbol, my eyes slowly glanced up the ticket to see $50,000! I…I…I was speechless. I thought, there’s no way. 

1958_001[2]After I collected myself and started believing that I’d truly won $50,000, my family told me to download the Idaho Lottery Check-A-Ticket App. After scanning the ticket, it made all kinds of fun noises and told me I had to bring it to the Lottery,” said Daniels.

Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes split their winnings and both receive $25,000. Cheryl plans on depositing her cash and just enjoying the rest of her time with family, “I haven’t had time to even think of what I may do with my winnings, I’m just going to enjoy my vacation and birthday this Saturday,” said Daniels happily. Vincent told us that he’d probably buy some ‘toys’, “I enjoy cars and motorcycles, so I’ll probably use some of my winnings for that and put the rest in the bank,” said Reyes.

Congrats to Cheryl Daniels & Vincent Reyes from Long Beach, CA who won $50,000 on White Hot Cash. The lucky ticket was purchased at Jacksons in Meridian. There is still one top prize remaining.

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